Birmingham – The most preferred study destination for students

Posted on June 16, 2020 by Cheapest Assignment

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Being Britain’s second-largest city and with numerous top universities situated here, Birmingham has topped the list among students from across the world, as a favourite study destination in the UK. That is not the only reason students love Birmingham. Here are 7 reasons why students love coming to Birmingham, UK, for their further studies.

Birmingham – The most preferred study destination for students

  1. Top-notch education

With five top-ranked universities and lots of career aspects, Birmingham is thriving with the most number of incoming students to study there. Quality of education here is world-class as the education provided in top universities in London and the U.S. The city also gives plentiful opportunities for all kinds of career aspirations.

  1. Diverse population

Due to students willing to come here from different parts of the world, Birmingham has one of the most diverse cultural and lingual populations. Students nowadays are willing to study in such environments to collaborate with people from manifold lingual backgrounds.

  1. Affordability

When compared with London, Birmingham is cheaper to live in. With lots of places to shop for clothes, utensils and grocery, and also with lesser rental accommodations in comparison, students prefer to settle here for the best with the lesser price.

  1. A place with a historic touch

Arts and history-loving students coming to study here are filled with a visual treat. Birmingham has some good old buildings, museums, galleries and cathedrals to watch out for. From its back to back structured homes of the past to building and cathedrals of the ancient era, to the famous Cadbury’s Bourneville factory, which one of the largest attractions, Birmingham is filled with places to visit.

  1. Situated in the heart of Europe

Love travelling but the tour costs scare you? Lucky are those who live in Birmingham. There are trains connecting to different cities across the UK and there are many flights that you can take to travel to Europe with affordable prices compared to other locations.

  1. A beautiful place

With lush, green trees and tall, massive European styled buildings, Birmingham’s beauty is unmatchable. Nature and construction marvels go hand-in-hand complementing each other really well. And don’t miss out to click those Insta-worthy pictures!

  1. Abundant entertainment spots!

Are you a gamer? Or you love catching up with friends and partying? Or looking out for a fancy, candle-light dinners? Name it and you have it. From numerous football clubs for the football fans, foodies, sports enthusiasts, Birmingham has anything and everything to offer for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a student and looking out for options to study in the UK, add Birmingham to your bucket list!

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