BIZ101: Business Communications

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Subject Code and Title

BIZ101: Business Communications

Assessment   Part A: Proposal

                            Part B: Report

Individual/Group – Individual or group

Length              Part A: Proposal: 600 words (+/- 10%)

                            Part B: Report: 1,000 words (+/- 10%)

Learning Outcomes

This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:

a) Demonstrate academic skills appropriate to the level of study.

b) Demonstrate research skills and referencing appropriate to the level of study.

c) Critically analyse texts and/or multi-modal-material in a business context.

d) Identify and apply effective communication methods within a business and academic environment.

e) Evaluate the use and importance of technology in presenting business communication.

BIZ101: Business Communications

Weighting      Part A: Proposal: 20%

                            Part B: Report: 30%

Total Marks    Part A: 20 marks

                            Part B: 50 marks

Team Ethics & Competetive Advantage


Tertiary students are expected to demonstrate research skills and the ability to critically analyse the value of research sources in a business style report.


Part A: Proposal

The proposal describes the report which you are planning to write for Assessment Part B.

The report is about the topic you chose for assessment 1.

The proposal tells the reader what your report will be about:

  • what information will be included in different sections of the report,
  • what questions will be answered in the report,
  • what sources of information will be used to answer those questions,
  • and what types of recommendations will be given.

Marketing Plan Development

The proposal should be written in report format, showing what information will be included in each section of the report.

Please use the following outline to help structure your proposal:


  • Background of the issue
  • Topic of the report
  • Purpose of the report
  • Intended audience (Who will read the report?)
  • Background of the organization
  • Type of communications strategy you have chosen to implement (from Assessment 1)


  • Discuss what information you intend to include in the findings section of your report. (This should include the Who, What, Why and How of your communications strategy).
  • List the main sections or headings within the Discussion section


Outline what the conclusions of your report will tell the reader


What will the recommendations of your report tell your reader?

Reference List

Provide a reference list of sources which are likely to be used in writing the report, as well as any sources cited in the proposal

Part B: Report

Now that you have decided on your content and structure, you have to write the report. Follow the report structure that you studied in Module 2 and review the marking rubric in this assessment brief on page 3.

It is expected that you will demonstrate in your report:

  • a comprehensive understanding of the topic you have chosen
  • evidence of research and application of reliable and relevant evidence
  • critical analysis and the ability to develop coherent arguments
  • effective communication in the form of professional writing skills, presented in a report format and;
  • effective referencing skills (APA style)
  • evidence of a contribution to group effectiveness (if completed as a group assignment)

Note: You will not be disadvantaged if you do this individually

Submitting Your Assessment

  1. Check your originality by uploading your assignment to Turnitin.
  2. When less than 20%, submit your assignment through the Assessment Submission area
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