BMO3419: Supply Chain Analytics Assessment 3

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Knowledge Management

This is a library research assignment for a group of two/three students. The group will undertake a research area with a specific title from within the weekly lecture list and prepare a report for words, 12 font size, single spacing. Harvard style referencing using Endnote will be preferred. EndNote software can be downloaded and installed via your student portal. Peer reviewed published articles can be downloaded from Library e-journal database.
The report should be developed along the following lines.
1. Choose a title of research within this unit (good title will fetch good marks)
2. Title should be broadly around supply chain analytics, big data, its effect on supply chain and firm performance, tools and techniques used etc.
3. Define the concept of SC analytics and what does it mean to the business and supply chain in specific.
4. Categorise the literature by year of publication, industry applications, methodology used (survey, content analysis etc.), business implications etc.
5. Discuss industry applications and businesses benefits.
6. Conclusion and research limitations
7. References (min 30 references) (Harvard style using EndNote) Report submission:
The electronic report must be submitted through VUCollaborate Dropbox with Turnitin similarity index less than 15%. One hard copy of the Final Report needs to be submitted to your tutor. The report should accompany the assessment declaration cover page with a clear indication of individual student contribution (e.g. 33% for three or 50% for two-member group) in order to avoid group dispute. Hard copy should be stapled, NOT to put in a folder. Late reports will not be assessed at Distinction level (HD grading). Resubmissions will only achieve 50% (P-grade) mark, or less. The report must have a structured abstract* (in-bracket sample discussion is attached). Purpose – [Aims to prove that a firm’s perception of the strategic nature of supply depends on how it defines its competitive advantage within the marketplace.] Design/methodology/approach – [a library research was undertaken using key words. The report was prepared through content analysis within the selected title of research.] Findings – [Firms defining their competitive advantage as being cost-focused will generally consider supply as playing merely a cost-reduction role, i.e. passive and supportive, whereas firms viewing their competitive advantage as being differentiated will see supply as strategic, i.e. as a distinctive capability.] Research limitations/implications – [This library research incorporated the articles from a few selected journals only. Also future studies should take a multiple-source as opposed to a single-source data collection approach.] Theoretical implications – [The findings presented allows academics and managers to understand what strategies to follow in order to implement the business practices. This study has a number of implications for strategy makers at the level of the firm and within supply.] Originality/value – [Supply management has so far focused on the wrong question. It should be “what are the firm’s strategic goals and priorities?” This allows exploration of the linkage between the firm’s competitive position and that of supply.]

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