BMS0064 Professional Skills

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University of Huddersfield

The Business School

Assessment Handbook and Marking Guide


BMS0064 Professional Skills


During the course of the year, you will have engaged in a process of self-analysis in relation to your professional skills and should have made demonstrable progress in advancing specific skills competencies. We assess this learning and developments at two stages. The first assessment falls in the first term when you will have to undertake a process of self-analysis and present an action plan for the remainder of the year. The second assessment falls at the end of the second teaching term when you will need to present a portfolio that demonstrates your progress and learning.

BMS0064 Professional Skills

Each student will have a different starting point (some students having extensive working experience, others having limited work experience, some having very little) and so the nature of development will therefore vary considerably between students.

Business Ethics

Assessment and the module learning outcomes

The assessment has been designed to meet the learning outcomes. The table below shows the learning outcomes for the module. You will need to demonstrate all of the following to pass the module.

Exercise: Circle the key words in the learning outcomes. Which are important? How can you demonstrate these?

Management Assignment

Module Learning Outcomes

  1. Developed greater personal knowledge and insight into their own work-related strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Developed a personal development programme to advance identified work-related skills.
  3. Undertaken a range of planned and emergent activities to develop their skills and experience in specific areas.
  4. Have demonstrated an understanding of the role of personal and professional development in advancing work based performance and career aspirations.
  5. To engage in a process of self-analysis and professional development planning and goal setting.
  6. To proactively initiate or seek out development opportunities
  7. Be able to engage in realistic reflection on their own performance.

HAS 121 Human Development in Social Context

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