BMSW4001 Academic And Employability Skills

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It is important for an individual to choose a career path at an early stage as this will help the individual to succeed in his career. A presentation will be developed in the paper which will present on how an individual will identify his academic skills as well employability skills. The paper will also highlight how academic writing, paraphrasing and references helps an individual to develop a report.

Strategic Management

Task 1: Individual presentation


  • Hotel management as an career
  • SWOT analysis of the individual
  • Required academic skills and Employability skills will be vividly explained
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP) will be developed in the presentation

Speaker’s Note: For the presentation, Hotel Management has been chosen as the career as hotel management is a dynamic career in the present scenario as it gives an individual the opportunity to succeed and lead a comfortable life. In the presentation I will analyze my Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats with the help of SWOT analysis. Time management tools are going to be identified and used in order to utilize time in an appropriate and effective manner. Employability and academic skills that are going to be utilized for the chosen career is going to be analyzed. For my growth a personal development plan is going to be created so that I can proceed in my career in an appropriate manner.

Research Methodology

SWOT analysis (4 slides)


  • Commitment towards the job
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability of teamwork
  • Multitasking ability

Speaker’s Note: Commitment is the key to achieve career goals. I think I have the ability to take responsibilities to ensure the customer satisfaction to standardize career in hotel management. The intensity and energy toward the service is the most required characteristic of mine. In the field of hospitality it is the most vital part to understand the query or issue the customer is facing in order to solve that. My good communication skills help in understanding the needs of customers which leads to customer satisfaction. It is impossible to run a hotel management industry alone, everyone in the organization must cooperate to give a world class service. Team Working is essential for a sustainable service which can help to ensure my acceptability in my team. I must multi-task also to deal with the responsibilities that go around me as the hospitality industry is full of chaos and new challenges at every moment (Dani and Dimri., 2018).


  • Time management
  • Tenaciousness
  • Low adaptability
  • Lack of patience

Speaker’s Note: Hospitality management, being a huge responsibility and set of various tasks it is hard for me to manage the timing. It is a huge concern of mine to manage the time for an out of routine job which is hard to consider in the field. I do respect my duties and am able to push my limits however, it is hard for me to work under too much pressure. I prefer to work in a substantial manner. In a fast evolving industry like hospitality management it is hard for me to adapt the changes rapidly. However, with cooperation and support of the colleagues I will try to adapt the innovations in a few amounts of time. I have the weakness of losing patience in monotonous work. I like variations in  my daily duty so I consider myself impatience in repetitive jobs (Stergiou and Farmaki., 2021).

Sociology – Health and Illness


  • Personal development
  • More productiveness 
  • Cultural awarenesses
  • Professional development

Speaker’s Note: In a huge industry like hotel management there is a great opportunity to develop my personality. Working with many different people of different characteristics will help me to expand my experience. It will disclose the way of my enhancement to adapt myself in any kind of situation. The different job roles of this sector will help me to be more productive on my job. Having overall knowledge of the duties will help me in other sectors also. It will help me to think in a different perspective in order to solve problems with alternative solutions. The opportunity of expanding my cultural awareness will be increased in this sector as there are people from different regions of  the world. It will help me to understand and respect the culture and beliefs of other people. Besides personal development, working in this industry will also increase my professional skills. It will be easier in the future to deal with different people from different sectors. This will also give a boost to my career opportunity due to my evolved management skills (Silva Leon,  2018)

HS2011 Systems Analysis & Design


  • Continuous upgradation of technology
  • Changing landscape of the market
  • Unwanted health issues

Speaker’s Note: In the hotel management industry the upgradation of the technologies are happening at a rapid rate (Pandya, 2017). Due to this there is a possibility that the technological skills that I have developed may become obsolete in the future. Thus I will be required to continuously upgrade my technological skills and keep aware of the technologies that are being used in the market. There is a possibility that the market landscape may change just like what happened during the covid 19 pandemic where all the hotels had to shut themselves and incur huge amounts of losses. Such a situation will be creating distress in the market and will be a threat to my career. The third threat that can be identified is the threat of an unwanted health issue. It is important for an individual to keep himself healthy in order to have a successful career. Unwanted health may cause me valuable time in my career.

Time management tools

  • Emphasizing on multitasking
  • Preparing a ‘to do’ list which will be required to follow
  • Using a notebook to track the progress of a certain activity

Speaker’s Note: It is important for an individual to manage his effectively as time management is one of the key requirements for a person to strive in his career (Aeon and Aguinis, 2017). For time management I will be emphasizing on dion multitasking as with the help of multitasking, I will be performing multiple tasks at a particular time. This will help me to save my precious time which I can utilize to increase my productivity. In the present era multitasking is being given a huge importance. Multitasking is an essential time management tool in the hotel management career as in the hotel management career, a person will be required to handle multiple tasks at a particular time such as handling the staff of the hotel and queries of the customers at the same time. Apart from multitasking, another technique that I will use is creating a ‘ to do’ list where I will be listing  all the activities that I am going to perform in a certain day and I will be giving a timeframe for every activity. In this manner I will help myself in performing the right task at the right time and I will carry out work in a systematic manner. Apart from the above two mentioned techniques, I am going to use a notebook where I will note down all the important information that will help perform my task efficiently. Keeping always benefits an individual as it helps them to check whether they are forgetting to perform a certain task or not. With the help of these 3 tools, I will manage my time and will be able to perform all of my tasks in the right time. 

BSBHRM501 Manage Human Resources Services Assessment

Academic skills

  • Making effective notes of the class lessons
  • Interacting effectively with the educator
  • Understanding core ideas of the text

Speaker’s Note: Hotel management is a vast field and all the concepts and chapters will be of high volume (Kyttälä et al., 2019). Thus it is important I develop an effective note writing ability so that I will be able to identify the key concepts of a particular chapter and utilize them. In the hotel management field one will be required to manage his time very effectively and identify the key concepts of a particular chapter as trying to go through the whole chapter, then that will be time consuming for the person and a great amount of time will be wasted. Writing effective short notes will help me overcome this problem. The Educators will know which part of the syllabus is important and which part of the syllabus is not (Witherby and Tauber, 2019). The educators design their classroom sessions in a manner where all the important concepts of a particular subject will be discussed. Following their classes and making notes out of their classes will not only help me to summarize a whole chapter, it will also help me to revise the chapters during the exam time. Interaction with the educators is a skill that is required to be developed by me in order to clear all my queries that I have regarding any lesson. Maintaining a good interaction with the educators will help me understand the concepts of a particular lesson in a more appropriate manner as I will be able to clear all my queries in the classroom. In the end I will be required to understand the core ideas of a particular lesson.

MBA501 Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation

Required employability skills

  • Leadership skill in order to lead a team
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Developing ability to work in a team

Speaker’s Note: In the hotel management industry one of the key skills that is required to be developed is the leadership skills as in the industry an individual will be responsible for leading a certain team and keeping them (Bharwani and Talib, 2017). I will be required to understand the needs of the employees working there and help them solve their problems. This will help me to establish a good relationship with my co-workers and they will be able to cooperate with me more effectively. The employees of an organization are required to work collectively as it is seen that collective work gives a better result than individual work (Kainthola, 2021). I will be required to enhance my communication skills as in the hotel management you will have to communicate with your customers very effectively. I will be required to develop both my oral and written communication skills as I will have to communicate with my customers in both oral and written mode of communication. In the end the ability to work in a team will be required to develop as in the hotel management industry an individual will be required to work in a team effectively.

MBA501 Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation


  • Setting the goal of a successful hotel management career
  • Identifying the areas that requires improvement
  • Developing action plan according 
  • Evaluating the action in a continuous manner

Speaker’s Note: It is important for an individual to create a personal development plan for himself as it helps them to identify the areas in which they require improvements (Grit, 2019). In the first step of the personal development plan, the goal is required to be defined which in this case is making a successful career in the hotel management industry. In the next step areas which require improvement are going to be identified such as team work, communication, and leadership capability.To overcome my tenaciousness I will be improving confidence, to overcome my lack of patience, I will be meditating daily. I have low adaptability, due to which I am going to attend several seminars and I will follow the time management techniques that I have developed in order to enhance my time management skills. The action plan is going to be followed efficiently and the progress of the action plan is going to be continuously in order to make changes in the plan where it is needed.


  • It is important to continuously improving yourself
  • Identify the required skills for a particular market
  • An individual should strategically progress in his career

Speaker’s Note: It is important that an individual continuously improve himself as with the help of continuous improvement, the person will be able to reach his desired goal. It is necessary for an individual to choose a career path that will be beneficial for him. In this case I have chosen a career looking at its demand in the current market scenario. I have identified the areas where I will be required to make improvements and I will make sure that I improve in those certain areas

MBA402 Sustainability Assessment

Task 2: Report

  1. Time management / Organising study

Time management skill is an effective constraint for an individual to facilitate higher studies. The constraint is defined as the procedure of exercising conscious control of average time-requirement for the particular activity. In case, an individual is concerned with the time variable while completing the particular activities then it would be beneficial for him to upgrade the productivity, efficiency, and determination level. Time-management helps the individuals to make a to-do list by which the top-prioritized actions can be taken at first and the less-prioritized will be considered eventually (Meiring, 2017). The key significance of using this concept in daily life is to be proactive and work smarter. It will prevent the individual from facing the deadline-pressure. The key advantage of maintaining an effective time-management scenario is the fostering of an excellent professional reputation or employability, huge opportunity for achieving career growth, deduction of mental stress, upgradation of the existing self-productivity level, and wider scope of knowledge-advancement. Besides, the absence of time-management skills make a person stressful and deduct his efficient workflow. The professional degradation, poor job-quality, and missed deadlines due to the absence of proper time-management skills can create obstacles of career progress (Alsalem et al., 2017). Effective time-management skill can be improved by setting an abtion, prioritizing the tasks intellectually, setting time-restrictions for completion, removing non-essential activities, and planning wisely.    

HI5013 Managing Across Borders

In this context, the Kolb’s reflective model has been considered to review, analyze, and evaluate the situation in a systematic pattern. After the completion of the entire process, the innovative experience can be fostered from the beginning point of another cycle (Morris, 2020). In order to utilize the model in the time-management constraint, I will at first achieve coherent experience regarding the specific activities to achieve the strategic goals. Then I will observe the occured circumstances and provide meaningful reflection on it. My reflection will be included in the present experience, learning outcomes, undertaking strategies for overcoming the situation soon, and upgrading my perception. After that several specific concepts will be formulated regarding the activities as an real-life example. At last, the example will be aligned with my future activities for prospects. First, I have to find out my lack of time-management skills and concepts. Then I have to identify the top-prioritized and less-prioritized works based on their timeframe. During the completion of each task, I will be able to figure out my weaknesses and strengths regarding the time-management process. After that I will be able to adopt some strategies to upgrade my time-management skill. After that I have to analyze how those strategies have been aligned to achieve the key aim and how I can be able to apply them for future activities. That is why it can be stated that the reflective mode has been beneficial to find out each stage of learning concept regarding time-management approach to prevent the missing of deadlines (Garcia, and Subia, 2019). As much as I will be able to complete my error-free works within the provided timescale, my employability scope will be uplifted.                 

HI6006 Competitive Strategy Individual

  1. Academic Writing

The key purpose of academic writing is to make the raiders understandable regarding the discussable subjects. This kind of writing concept has a formal style and tone. There is no need to use long sentences and complex words and vocabulary. The key characteristics of academic writing is associated with the following items,

Planned and focused: The academic report and assessment delivers a meaningful answer of the asked question. It can demonstrate a concise and analytical understanding on the discussable topic (Hyland and Jiang, 2017). The characteristic of the academic writing enables the readers to understand the subject contents with justification and consequences.   

Structured: The structure of the academic writing is mainly involved in Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion. The main body part has several sub-headings to elaborate, describe and analyze the specified topic. Besides, the writing pattern emphasizes logical orders and relevant points to achieve the topic understanding transparently (Kennelly, 2017).        

Evidenced: The feature enhances the proof of the specific statement of justification linked with the assessment. During the writing on the relevant topic, the researchers can add the justification, arguments, and literature review, statistical information by gathering secondary data via the internet. After analyzing academic books, peer-reviewed journals, reliable weblinks, and authentic PDFs, the relevant information can be catched to align with the assessment as strong evidence.     

International Business Finance

Formal: Another significant feature of academic writing is the presence of formal language, appropriate tense, phrase, and parts-of-speech. The formal styles and tones make the writing concise, balanced, meaningful, and attractive for the readers (Goctu, 2017).  

On the other hand, academic writing is represented as a style of expression by which the research analyst can utilize the intellectual limitations and disciplines on the particular area of expertise. This kind of writing offers an agreed meaning regarding the complex aspects while compared with law or biology relevant writings. Besides, the writing concept is required to cite all the essential statements and clarifications (Academic writing, 2021). The resources are entitled at the last page of the writing. The resources can be academic, jurnal, or non-academic patterns. Different kinds of formatting styles such as APA 6th or 7th, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, and Vancuover are used in academic writing to make it more logical and authentic to the readers. Proper punctuation is applied in the writing to make it more understandable towards the readers (Fang, 2021). The academic writing has different classifications such as conference paper, dissertation, easasy, report, research paper, literary criticism, research proposal, academic journal article, explication, textbook, and annotated bibliography. 

HND Diploma in Health and Social Care

The selected reflective model has helped me to analyze my existing skills and knowledge to  prepare an academic report. After the successful publication of the books or articles on the internet, I will be able to find out key self-weaknesses during the writing process. As much as I will be able to identify the weaknesses, I will easily rectify them to prevent the disruption of significant flows. After gathering my understanding, learning, and experiences, I will be able to add my viewpoints in my future activities to prevent the appearance of erroneous academic writing. The model emphasizes my self-confidence, self-optimization, and motivation power to create a flawless scenario during the writing.                     

  1. Paraphrasing

The key term is defined as the representation of self-ideas and perception on the relevant topic in own words and acknowledgment rather than ignoring the copy-paste options from the resources. The key purpose of paraphrasing is to establish someone’s work in a realistic pattern. The correct paraphrasing concert indicates that the individual has been able to concisely understand the author’s viewpoints and resatte them without modifying the author’s comments or statements. The key rationale of paraphrasing is to avoid the plagiarism concept in academic writing (Na and Nhat, 2017). Plagiarism is defined as the stealing, copying, and passing off others innovative ideas as their own. The plagiarism software and online tool can easily detect the similarities of the content. That is why the paraphsaris concept is derived to avoid this kind of issue. While there is no scope to add the author’s statement or narration on the relevant topic, then the element is helpful to align the self-ideas without changing its original meaning. The key advantage of using paraphrasing is to simplify the complex information and re-wording them with your own thoughts. The key steps of paraphrasing the particular concept depends on the author’s intellectuality, knowledge, skill, experience, and compatibility with the topic (Thienthong, 2018). At first, the individual has to read the original texts or articles with uninterrupted attention. Then he or she has to write down the key points. After that, their own version will be explored via strategic thinking approaches. Then the comparison operation will be performed to check the similarity between the self-written and original content and make amendments accordingly (Paraphrasing: What is paraphrasing?, 2021). At last, the individual has to add an indexing process to strengthen the paraphrased contents. In order to generate paraphrasing concept, the individuals should have a detailed focused on the following points,

BUSN11079 Analytical Thinking and Decision Making

  • Formulating the sentence with a different point from the original source
  • Implication of synonyms of the chosen words as much as possible without altering the actual meaning
  • Amendments in the verb forms (Ruslan et al., 2020)
  • Altering the sentence framework 

A person will be efficient in paraphrasing concepts after regular practice of the skill. As much as the individual will be able to paraphrase the concept, it will be helpful for him to paraphrase any complex content within a second without wasting time. It is one of the essential comments of academic writing (Marzec-Stawiarska, 2019). In order to align or add the popular author’s narrative statement, justification, or comments, an individual applies it without altering its inner-meaning.

The selected reflective model has helped me to find out my week-pomis to paraphrase the sentence. After regular observations and working on the attributes, I have been able to resolve my obstacles and complexity, facing during the paraphrasing process. Analyzing each weak-points and strengths, I have been able to utilize my self-confidence, analytical skill, intellectual power, logical decision-aiding skill to reflect and rethink the impact of paraphrasing in the writing. In the final stage, the predetermined conceptualization thoughts and innovative ideas are aligned with the futuristic concepts to upgrade the self-learning experience. It will also be helpful to foster my employability skills and scope in the competitive ground.   

LWD101 Ethics, Law and Health Care

  1. Referencing 

At the end of every academic writing file, references are given for the acknowledgement of the source of the content, the author and the publication house. In the field of academic writing there are few specific rules that need to be followed by the students and referencing is one of the most integral parts of academic writing. The referencing style varies with the style of academic writing that has been adopted. Like Chicago, APA, MLA, Harvard has also a different kind of referencing style. Now there might be a question why academic writers use reference and what are the basic informations that cover the reference. Few characteristics of referencing are mentioned below-

  • Date of publication- as it is very important to mention the date of publication for easy search and to maintain the timeline of the main content body. 
  • Name of the author- giving the name of the author does not only provide more authenticity, it also a way of gratitude towards the author for the source of knowledge and content. 
  • Location and the name of the publication company- location and the name of the publication company specifies the sect of the document and provides more information to the reader. 
  • Title of the journal/book- authors/ editors decide the title of the book to specify the department and it gets a lot easier for the writer/ reader to search for the mentioned article/ PDF file if the title name is given. 
  • Digital object identifier- DOI is a set of symbols, letters, numbers used to identify the article on the web and it gets easier to find the mentioned citation. (William, Davis, 2017)

In the Harvard style referencing, there are some specific styles used by the academic writers-

  • In Harvard referencing style, the references need to be given at the end of the document and the writer needs to provide the references on a different new sheet. 
  • The author’s surname comes first and the initial of the author’s name. If the author has multiple works and the availability is strong, then the title needs to be allocated after the date, in a proper alphabetical order. 
  • The Harvard referencing style demands double-spaced, between every text. 
  • If the taken file/ PDF consists of more than four authors, then after mentioning the first author’s surname ‘et al’ can be used in Italic font.  
  • If the author name is not available, the organization- caused the action name can be used in the reference. 
  • If the date is not available from the taken source, then after writing the author’s name, “no date” can be used instead of an empty remark. 

Unit 4 Personal and professional Development in Health and Social Care

For book referencing writers can go with the following guideline-

Author’s name → publication year→ title of the chapter→ editor’s surname→ initial→ title of the book→ edition→ place of publication→ publisher’s name→ page number. 


It is very important to maintain the proper referencing style for the academic writing as referencing not only shows gratitude to the main source, it also unsuitable and wrong citation can damage the quality of the paper. Referencing allows the authentication of the main source and also leaves a proof of the taken source. Based on the evidence, the possibilities get easy to reach to a certain source. Proper Harvard referencing enhances the detailing of the paper and it shows the dedication of the writer as well. (Cousijn  et al 2018)


From the discussion that has been done above, it can be concluded that an individual is required to continuously improve as this will help in being an efficient individual who will contribute significantly in his area of service. Effective writing is an essential in the present and academic writing, paraphrasing and referencing helps an individual to write efficiently.

Unit 3 Human Resource Management


For task 2

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For task 1


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