BN2205 – Business Operations Excellence

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Coursework Title:
Portfolio Individual Assessment:
During the weekly two hour seminar, for this module:
1 st Hour – Students will review the lecture content and work in groups to analyse a given problem situation and propose a feasible solution by selecting and applying appropriate concepts and tools from the weekly topic.
2 nd Hour – Students will then apply the weekly topic, to their own chosen business organisation. The analysis and solutions of the weekly topics will be presented as an individual portfolio that outlines how an improvement can be made to an operations performance in the chosen business organisation.
Please note: although you will be working in groups in the seminars. The development of your portfolio submission is individual, and should not be the same as your colleagues. It is encouraged that students do attend all seminars to gain advice and guidance on the weekly topics.
Task Details/Description:
Task 1: Individually, choose a business organisation, to work on for the course of the module and portfolio development. The business organisation will have a mixture of product and service delivery, as discussed in Lecture 1. Justify why you have chosen the organisation. Additional guidance will be given to help students identify an appropriate organisation. YOU CANNOT USE PRIMARK! We will be using Primark to explore seminar topics.
Task 2: The portfolio will have six sections based around Six Sigma – DMAIC, which will be covered in the seminars. The six topics are:
1. DEFINE – CTQ Tree – What is value
2. MEASURE – SERVQUAL – RATER – Tangible versus Intangible
3. MEASURE – Cause and Effect
4. ANALYSE – 5 Why’s – Affinity Diagram
5. IMPROVE – 6 HATS – 5S’s
Apply these six topics to your chosen business organisation, so that you provide improvements and recommendations for the operations performance of the organisation.

Task 3:
Elements of the overall evaluation are:
Executive summary;
Background and Context;
Report design;
Evaluate six topics;
Presentation and use of appropriate references.

Essential Reading for Coursework Task
Please note that this is not intended as an exhaustive or definitive list of readings for this piece of coursework. Instead, the books listed below should be viewed as core or essential readings that may act as a start point as you prepare to tackle this assignment:
1. Basu, R., (2004). Implementing quality: a practical guide to tools and techniques: enabling the power of operational excellence. Cengage Learning EMEA.
2. Foster, S. T. (2016) Managing quality. Integrating the supply chain. Pearson.
3. Evans, J. R. and Lindsay, W. M. (2017) Managing for quality and performance excellence. Cengage Learning.
4. Evans, J. R. and Lindsay, W. M. (2011). The management and control of quality. South-Western Cengage Learning.

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