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MIS781 Business Intelligence and Database

What does the brand consist of

According to an organization, the brand value is the most important factor because; it concludes the sign, symbol, design or a combination. In the other words, the brand is the reflection of name, symbol, design, logo, image or the mixture of those issues which recognize to identify the value of product or service (De Chernatony, 2008). Similarly, the brand defines the product of the company from its competitor and with the help of brand the product is identified by the customers. The customers’ satisfaction is the most essential part for any company. Now, we will discuss about the BanyuleDigiDECL, which is a co-working place carries a helpful environment that can help to develop a start-up business, freelancers, micro business and other professional. They provide them friendly and homely workplace where they can do their important job (Mallik, 2009).

HI6008 – Research Project

What has is done so far

A product’s brand has several benefits, by which it concludes the strategies of the company policies. When a person gets a branded product, mental satisfaction also serves by the organization. Most of the people believe that buying a non-branded thing, they can save lots of effort, valuable time and money. In this brand analysis project, we will account the level of customers’ satisfaction brand value of BanyuleDigiDECL(De Chernatony, 2008). Here are many branded competitors available in the global market such as Nest Co-working, York Butter Factory, Hub Melbourne, Queens Collective, Hive Studio, Inspire 9 etc. in Melbourne. It orders to represent the organizationalpower; the brand is working as an essential part. In this project brand of such significant measurement of organizational techniques and strategies are providing a clear view of a proper business. Those policies are 24/7 access facility, small but friendly meeting room, coffee machine and printing facility. By the help of the brandBanyuleDigiDECL utilize those strategies and increase performance and customer satisfaction level. In addition to that, the brand provides a better platform to newcomers in the business world with the help of some high energy and community-minded workplace (Mallik, 2009).

Managerial Accounting – ACC00714

How effective has it been

The brand of the BanyuleDigiDECL has the significant importance which attracts more consumers by providing better service and mental peace. The interior design of that co-working hall is very attractive which can catch the attention of consumers. In other words, the effective service is the brand of the BanyuleDigiDECL which highlights a clear difference between the service qualities from their competitor (De Chernatony, 2008). On the other hand, it includes some components such as effective service visible, advertising, packaging, increase the quality value of a product which are the main measurement of the brand. As well as the brand has many benefits which conclude the increase the profit margin of the organization such as customer faith, self-image which separate them from other competitors. The most important job of the brand is to increase the membership of reference groups (Increase Survey Responses, 2015). The brand also creates a positive attitude of service in customer’s mind which encourages the customer to take service again. The brand also defines the difference between services (English sessionOralsessionPoster session, 2014).

Student’s Study Satisfaction and Their Diversity Perceptions

Primary and Secondary research and analysis:

There are two major parts of research involved in the research project such as primary and secondary research. A primary research includes a survey method that contains a questionnaire relating with research problems (Riley, 2010). In addition, to that after proper analysis of the collected data, the research problems find its required answers (Treese, 2005). In this project, we will produce a questionnaire according to the BanyuleDigiDECL (Walzer, 2003).

A primary research is conducted below:

1.What is your name?


  2.What is age?   

variable respondent percentage
18-23 2 20%
24-30 5 50
31-40 2 20
41 and above 1 10

3.What is occupation?

variable respondent Percentage (%)
service 1 10
business 6 60
self-employed 0 0
student 3 30

4.Did you visit BanyuleDigiDECL?

variable respondent Percentage (%)
yes 5 50
no 4 40
may be 1 10

5. Do you think BanyuleDigiDECL should increase brand awareness?

variable respondent Percentage(%)
yes 5 50
no 3 30
may be 2 20

6.What should be the points of difference?

7.Do you have any idea of elements of the brand?

8.Should BanyuleDigiDECL increase their Marketing program?

variable respondent Percentage(%)
yes 8 80
no 1 10
may be 1 10

9. What do you think about band extensions?

The secondary research method is discussed below:

The main recourses of the secondary research are books, journals, articles, governmental documents. In addition to that internet is also become an essential measurement of secondary data collection (Riley, 2010).

According to data analysis of primary research, the percentages of businessman respondents are identified mostly. Around 60% of respondents were businessmen so they should target that variable in development. Similarly, 50% respondents agreed with that research question which was related to brand awareness. The most important thing was 50% of people knew about the service. So, the result of the primary data collection shows that the BanyuleDigiDECL should increase their visual approach and service level to achieve the desired goals (Kapferer, 2008).

ICT in Business 

On the other hand, the secondary data research concludes the valuable classified information which was gathered from secondary sources such as books, articles, and the internet. The result of the secondary data analysis defines the importance of brand awareness. This analysis of the secondary research concludes the moral value of the brand, as well as makes a strong image of the organization (Smith, 2011). If BanyuleDigiDECL wants to increase their profit margin then thy should pay more attention to the customer satisfaction and consumer requirement(Kapferer, 2008).

There are many ways that exist which should be used by BanyuleDigiDECL to increase their membership and earn more money (Kapferer, 2008). Today the internet has covered all worlds. In order to achieve goals, many organizations have built up a relationship with the internet. They can expand their business with the help of online marketing, website, mobile app, etc(Walzer, 2003).

According to my personal point of view, the BanyuleDigiDECL should recognize their meeting room because most of their customers visit their hall for events, business meetings, and solo works (Walzer, 2003). On the other hand, the website is also very important according to the organization because it provides customer service day and night. In the other words, the website is working as a virtual office of an organization. The BanyuleDigiDECL should modify their website which should be more useful to a customer. Similarly, they should decrease a little amount of their membership amount which can be used as a powerful strategy to attract more customers. As well as if they create a Wi-Fi zone in the meetings room then they can easily increase their profit margin (Singh, 2003). As we discussed the importance of the internet in the above statement so the wi-fi zone can be a useful policy of BanyuleDigiDECL.


There are some solutions based on the issues of BanyuleDigiDECL Company. These recommendations will help this company to increase its business growth and certain profitability.

  • The hall of Banyuie DECL is quite small and does not have proper ac service. So the organization should increase their AC service. If it is implemented, the comfort level will increase, and they will gain customers’ interest.
  • Here, the company hall has only one tea machine. Staffs are not satisfied with this one machine as well as the customers. Company management should set another coffee machine in that hall to satisfy the customers and increase the comfort of their staff. They can also implement a cold water tab with the old normal water tab.
  • They should increase decorative ideas to make charming the interior. So customers will be satisfied and will give the interest to come in this event hall. Like any kind of flower decorations for events, innovative ideas for a birthday party, etc.
  • The management should provide some publicity ideas like logo, website renovation, poster design; leaflets and so on will help in these cases.

These are some recommendations BanyuleDigiDECL can follow. If they follow these solutions they can make a huge profit from their hall.

Integrated Business Challenge


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