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Business Finance

You are required to write a 1000 word briefing paper. Briefing papers are different from reports or essays in that they are specifically designed to summarise information and make recommendations, but in a concise manner. Different industries have different funding needs. Choose one industry from the list below and discuss the funding environment for new firms in that industry. Your briefing paper should discuss:

– The capital needs of firms in the industry
– Appropriate sources of funds available to new ventures in the industry
– The funding pathway(s) used by firms in the industry.
Your response may draw upon examples but your paper should represent a generalisation of the funding environment for the industry as a whole. Beware the risk of outlier examples (i.e. this is what Google did, so everything else works this way as well)
You may choose from the following industries:
– Online services (i.e. dot-coms)
– Biotechnology
– Software
– Harware
– Retail
– ‘Cleantech’ (i.e. new, low-carbon technologies)
– Transport
If you wish to do another sector this may be possible – please contact Josh first to discuss.
Check Sussex Direct for the submission deadline and details.
Further details:
– In line with University regulations, you are allowed to have +/- 10% on the word count, so the range is 900-1100 words
– The briefing paper should contain in-text citations and a bibliography, both using Harvard style
– The paper should draw upon academic references as well as other industry and professional sources.

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