Bright Tips About How To Write A Manifesto Along With Example & Template

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Are you planning to take a part in Union Election at your university? If ‘yes’ then you have to make sure that your manifesto will be strong enough to attract the students’ towards it. Because a manifesto is very important part to win the election, and when you write the manifesto in a positive way it helps people to know what your intention is, as well as manifesto shows your vision and way of your thinking.

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A brief overlook about the manifesto 

A manifesto is also known as the statement of motives and intentions of the issuer. You can also figure out your plans in the future with the help of your manifesto. It can be from a political point of view or from the government. A manifesto makes it easy for people to know about your plans, and what you intend to do for them after winning the election. 

Keep this in your mind while writing a manifesto, do not try to bad-mouthing about your competition or make unrealistic promises which you are not able to do. It will just make your manifesto look all fake and weak. Because as we already told you, it’s all about what you are mentioning in your manifesto list then you have to do all of them for your fellow students in your college. 


Checklist For Manifesto

Before you will know how to write your manifesto for election or where to start, first you need to be aware of some following terms. These terms are descriptions of a manifesto: 


  • Aim 

Your aim is everything that you want to achieve through the elections.

  • Statements 

This is a declaration or announcement that creates the future.

  • Published 

Once the manifesto is done, you need to post it public and ask as many students as possible to read it.  

Make sure your manifesto is related to these terms, as mentioned above. Don’t worry if you are not able to craft this document. Get help from your friends, who have experienced about this or you also have the option of online help,  you can easily ask for help at

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How to begin for writing a manifesto?

You can add whatever in your manifesto that gives a positive impact, it just needs a strong beginning. However, you can start with a solid idea also you have to frame the whole manifesto in your mind before beginning to write. Collect some inspiring quotes which are related to your personality, there are some of the manifestos that might help you frame yours perfectly.    

  • Make a rough draft.
  • Try to give some real look character to your manifesto.
  • List all your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Start analyzing the questions you want the answers for.
  • Listen to your intuition.
  • Discuss the motives, ideologies, intentions that make strong the basis for your manifesto.


The example of Manifesto that can help you 

This example of a manifesto will be useful for the position of co-president in Activities and Events.

Hi, my name is (your name) and I am participating in the position of Co-President in Activities and Events because I have been involved with [your university name] societies and I am already working for the Student’s Union. This year, I helped the Union organize and manage the most successful [your university name] parties like the Halloween Party and the Fresher’s Party. I also helped and find more opportunities to perform for other events and societies.

As the Co-president of any Activities and Events, I will make sure that [your university name] explodes with events every single day. I will also make sure that the events keep people involved throughout the semester, which by getting rid of the boredom. 

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My Vision is as follows

I will improve the interaction between different societies at my University. Entertainment at the place will improve to a great area through the interactions.

It is my responsibility to make sure that the societies get their full potential through joint events with the support of the Student’s Union.

I will take good care of a big event every Friday and avoid the demonization of the JCR and bar space.

Thank you for reading my manifesto in your precious time and feel free to get in touch with me if you have any suggestions or questions. You can contact me whenever you need me at….

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How to Write a Manifesto Template?

Keep in your mind that your manifesto is also like your I.D card. As we know a good manifesto always leave a good impact on your readers and that was also your first impression of what you stand for to your potential voters before the election.  

Have you ever written a manifesto template? Then here is the perfect guidance of “how your manifesto template” this should look like.

  • A Short Bio or Introductory Statement

This is the area where you have to write your perfect introduction and also need to express your campaign goals and views clearly about the actions. The introductory statement of yours should have like that:

  • Who are you?
  • What’s your experience?
  • Why are you that passionate about the role that you are standing for?
  • Most Five Bullet Point Statements of Your Campaign Goals

In this area of the template, you need to set out clearly, the changes that you mean to make in your school or college. Remember these following tips since you will just have only 2-3 sentences per point.

  • Begin with a header
  • Be specific and honest
  • How do you mean to use your existing knowledge and resources?

The entire manifesto template is all about these two areas. Once you are done with the document process, then without wasting any further go and nominate yourself.

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The 5 Manifesto Writing Tips Which Make Your Work More Easy

It’s fine if the examples and steps didn’t help you much, because it is quite common if you are writing it for the first time so you need some extra concentrate to get the perfect idea to begin. Here are some easy manifesto writing tips to make your work way easier. Just follow these tips and see if you are able to write the manifesto.

  • Use clear and easy languageA manifesto is not about using clever language and tricky sentences which makes readers confused. 
  • Write your past incident and experiences- You can add your previous incident and share your experiences about that to connect with your voters easily.
  • Set out your goals- Do not forget to write about your goals and objectives which you intend to do for them.
  • Tell your skills- You should also tell your skills and show how those can help you after the elections.
  • Keep it short and attractive- A manifesto shouldn’t be long since that usually bores the voters and if the manifesto will be attractive then it will help you to attract them towards your manifesto.

Still, you don’t have to worry if these tips are also not useful for you initially. Keep hope and work hard. Probably, you will be able to deliver a well-written and well-formatted manifesto on time. Good Luck.

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