BSBHRM501 Manage Human Resources Services Assessment

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  1. Research Report


For this task, you must research each of the topics provided, and complete a detailed report on your findings. You are to write a report detailing how you would manage human resource services in the workplace. For this assessment, you will require access to a workplace or a suitably resourced simulated environment. Links to other organisations that may inform your responses are provided below:

Community Door:

Western Australian Department of Education:

University of Western Australia:

Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre:

Your assessment must be written in a formal manner ensuring professionalism and correct formatting for a business report. Your answer must show evidence of knowledge in each of the following categories: 1. Human resources strategies and planning processes as they relate to business and operational plans. 2. Performance and contract management (write a short summary on what performance and contract management mean to you). 3. Relevant legislation that applies to human resources. In order to complete this assessment effectively, you will require access to the following resources: Business strategy and operation plans, Business technology, Legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to staff recruitment, selection and induction, Interaction with others

MKT00720 – Marketing Assignment 2: Report (on Aldi)

Your report should be presented with a section or chapter for each topic and must include details of the following: Topics – 1. Identify the key provisions of legal and compliance requirements that apply to manage human resources. 2. Summarise a code of conduct. 3. How you would determine strategies for delivery of human resources services including: How the external business environment could affect the business, Consultation methods used to determine HR requirements and diversity requirements, Options for delivery of HR services including the legislative and organisational requirements, Methods used to determine the strategies and action plans that have been implemented, The roles and responsibilities of each person involved in the implementation, Include a short action plan strategy in this section. How to manage the delivery of human resources services including Methods used to communicate information to staff members. Agreements arranged between HR team, service providers and client groups. Service specifications. Training and support requirements. Monitoring methods used for quality assurance purposes. Service providers and the methods used to determine their suitability. Feedback methods used to elicit information on service provision. ROI calculations for service provision. How to evaluate human resources service delivery including The systems used to gather and store information. Surveys provided to clients. Recommended changes based on analysis of client feedback. Approvals gained in order to make changes. Methods used to gain support for changes to service provision. How to manage the integration of business ethics in human resources practices including How to modelled ethical behaviour Methods used to ensure the code of conduct was observed by all stakeholders (include a summary of the organisation’s code of conduct). How you would ensure confidentiality of all information (include a summary of the key provisions of legal compliance). Methods used to deal with unethical behaviour. How you would provide information to the HR team about ethical behaviour. Discuss the methods of feedback and explain how feedback is used to modify the delivery of human resources.

Word Limit Long Report. Minimum 2,000 words = 4 pages typed report

  1. short answer Questions

Instructions Answer the questions below by writing in the space provided. If you require more space, use a blank sheet of paper. Alternatively, you may like to use Microsoft Word and print out your answers to each question.

Research Methodology

What you will need Research materials such as books, internet, magazines, workplace documentation etc.. Access to legislative and regulatory documentation. Your Learner Guide for this unit of competence

Word limit Short Answer Responses. 4 typed lines = 50 words, or 5 lines of handwritten text. What is the first step when determining the optimal strategies for the delivery of human resources services? What are the following steps in determining strategies for human resource services? To manage the delivery of human resource services what tasks might you have to perform? What type of information do you need to deliver human resource services? How can you determine the level of satisfaction of your clients? How can feedback assist your organisation? What characteristics might a feedback management system have? What information might you give to managers regarding changes? When implementing changes in an organisation who should you inform? What are the core values? What does a code of conduct reflect? How could you manage the integration of business ethics in human resources practices?

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