BSS050-6 Strategic Management

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EB3803/BI3001 – Assessment One - Individual Report

Your task

Based on the analysis provided in Assignment 1 (improved based on feedback received), your assignment 2 will be in the form of a consultant’s report. The exact presentation style will be at your discretion but should be a professional, business-like report.  It should also use Harvard referencing. For guidance, the report should include

  1. Identification of the possible strategies at the corporate and at the business level including a justification of those possible strategies 
  2. Critical evaluation of the different possible scenarios using strategic models 
  3. Your recommended route forward: explanation of the scenario chosen and critical analysis of the implications.

The report should be based on the analysis (internal and external) of the firm performed in Assignment 1.  However given the words count, you should focus on presenting and justifying your recommendations. It is not therefore necessary to repeat assignment one but key points should be used to help show why some strategic options are rejected or preferred, You can work in groups to do the analysis but your report must be prepared individually 

The assignment should be 3600 words in length, (+/- 10%) The word count does not include appendices, references, bibliography, or other supporting material which are additional and do not contribute to your grade.  Include only those things which you would include in a professional business report or which are essential background markers if you are writing about a less well-known business.

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