BUMKT5902 Marketing Management

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ITC571 - Emerging Technologies and Innovation

Group Assignment Details

This document contains the details for the group assignment for BUMK5902 Marketing Management for the second semester. Included are aspects such as:
 The assignment requirements;
 How they meet the Learning Outcomes—refer to the course description;
 How the assignments are to be formatted; and
 How they will be assessed by using an Assessment Criteria Sheet.

You must read these in conjunction with the course description which contains other pertinent information on submission, etc. It is your responsibility to fully acquaint yourself with these requirements. If you are not clear on any aspect please speak with your lecturer.
The overall purpose of the assessment is for you to demonstrate an “advanced and integrated understanding of a complex body of  knowledge” (AQF Level 9 – Masters http://www.aqf.edu.au/aqf/in-detail/aqf-levels/)
Good luck with the assignments.

Overview of the Assignments
The individual assignment focussed on how marketing generates financial success (profits and/or shareholder value) for organisations. The group assignment focusses upon how marketing can contribute in other important areas. As a gross generalisation, marketing has been about encouraging consumers to buy more and neither the firms in the delivery chain (raw materials to retailer) nor the end-consumers were supposed to think beyond the acts of purchasing and consumption. This has led some in society to focus on the negative aspects of marketing but marketing also contributes to society in many positive ways, e.g. making people aware of and providing financial support for health-related issues such as motor neurone disease and breast cancer, and for environmental issues such as eliminating single-use plastic bags. This assignment will broaden and deepen your view of what marketing is and how it benefits business, society and the planet. A more holistic view will emerge when consumers start to think about what and why they buy, how the general population can tackle social and environmental concerns, and what policies governments introduce to ‘guide’ business practices. The UN has established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—see for example http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/ Federation Business School is a signatory to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Management Education and its brand narrative embodies these principles and the 17 SDGs. The School wants to produce future business leaders who not only want to lead
organisations that are financially sustainable but also contribute to the communities they live in and to protect the environment.
General Formatting Requirements for the Report They are to satisfy the following requirements.
 Report format—business (not an essay)—see Report Writing notes on Moodle and other FedUni Library resources.
 Use a report Title page making sure you have all the required details—see below.
 The Executive Summary is placed before the Table of Contents.
 Insert the Table of Contents by using the Word steps—click on References, click Table of Contents and automate the process. If you have tables and figures you may want to consider having a Table of Tables and a Table of Figures shown after the Table of Contents.
 Page numbering. The Cover page is not numbered. The number format for the Executive Summary and the Table of Contents is i, ii, etc. The body of the report starting with the Introduction is numbered 1, 2, 3, etc.
 DO NOT write in the first or second person (I, we, our)—write in third person only.
 Proof-read at least three times for spelling, grammatical and logic errors.
 Font—any San Serif font, e.g. Arial.
 Size—11.
 Paragraphs—fully justified.
 Paragraph spacing—one space before and after.
 Line spacing—single.

 All tables and diagrams labelled—they do not form part of the word count. Check APA 6 th Ed. Manual as tables are labelled differently to diagrams.
 APA reference style. http://federation.edu.au/current-students/learning-and-study/online- help-with/referencing
 Use Australian English, e.g. organisation NOT organization. You only use American English when you are quoting an American source.
For some unknown reason too many students choose to ignore the above requirements—why? I have no idea but in larger organisations there is a ‘template’ of how they want their reports done—this is no different. There are marks allocated to this but they are not ‘freebies’—if you do not follow the requirements then you are just giving away marks!

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