BUS100 Professional Communication Skills

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Assessment type:

Annotated Bibliography (Reference List) of 5 sources plus 500-800 words annotations.

This assessment is to be done in partnership with another student. If you are unable to find a partner, your tutor will organise one for you.


This assessment allows students to develop research skills and begin to develop critical analysis skills by finding and evaluating a range of different but relevant reference sources relating to a given topic. As a pairs assessment, students will also begin to develop teamwork skills. This assessment contributes to Learning Outcomes a, c, and d.

Value: 20%

Due Date: Week 5 – 5.00pm Friday of Week 5


Electronically through KOI’s Moodle subject home page as a Word .doc or .docx – the font should be ARIAL 10 point.
Only one (1) copy per pair should be submitted.

Assignment Week #12 – Jazz

Topic:             Gender Equality / Diversity in Business.
This business issue will form the focus of all assessments during the trimester.

Important: Pairs who wish to use references from the trimester’s theme article MAY ONLY USE a MAXIMUM of 2 of the references from the article in their annotated bibliography.

Task Details:                Annotated Bibliography (Reference List)

In academia, as in business, good reports demonstrate the ability to research and identify relevant material to be used as the basis for considering a question, supporting argument and arriving at justified conclusions or recommendations. While there may be many sources relating to any given topic or question, some will be far more suitable than others.

Good relevant supporting material (see Things to think about when evaluating your sources below) will be:

  • Relevant
  • Recent (unless considered a seminal or classic article/book)
  • Credible

Using the topic given, pairs need to research and identify 5 different sources which would be relevant
if preparing an analysis report for the topic given. Included in the bibliography should be:

  • At least 1 peer reviewed article
  • At least 1 website
  • At least 1 magazine or newspaper article
  • At least 1 of the sources reviewed must fail to meet the some or all of the 3 criteria of good supporting material – relevant, recent and credible i.e. be a source you have viewed but decided it would not be appropriate to use – explain why it is not appropriate.

(see Source Types below for more information.)

Wiki anything and About.com MUST NOT be included in your sources – good or otherwise.
For each source, pairs are to:

  1. Cite the material correctly using Harvard (Anglia) referencing style
  2. Briefly summarise the main findings or arguments of the source
  3. Briefly critique (evaluate) the source’s usefulness, reliability, objectivity or bias, assessing its strengths and/or weaknesses as if you were writing a research paper on the topic given.

Points 2 and 3 should be between 100 and 160 words per source (500 – 800 words total).

Assessments should be formatted as follows:

  • Word .doc or .docx
  • Font – Arial 10pt, Calibri 11pt or Times New Roman 12pt
  • Title page
  • A 1 line space between each of: heading, citation, summary paragraph, evaluation paragraph
  • Each source identified by a heading made up by the Title in italics and the source type.
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