BUS201 – Group Research Report

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Business Finance

Learning Outcomes
This assessment task will address the following:
LO3 Understand the importance of ethic, workplace culture and organisational structures in regards to the workplace and workplace behaviour and conduct. LO5 Identify and evaluate relevant theory of management and organizational structures to workplace.

Assessment Description
This assessment must be completed in a group of 3 – 4 students. You must form the group by Week 2 and inform your lecturer.
This assessment has two parts:
Part A | Marks: 20%
You are required to research an organisation from the list provided below:
 Bongiorno Partners
 Apex Fund Services
 Mantra Tullamarine Hotel
 Ace Body Corp Management
 Mercure Sydney
 Mantra Bell City Hotel
 Guardian Strata Management
 The Westin

 Elders
 Kennedy King Chartered Accountants
 Royal on the Park
 Promise Pay
 Systema Group
 The Hopkins Group
 Eastern Health
 Como Hotel
 Primus Hotel
 Red Diamond Group
 N & S Associates
 Aurora on Flinders
 Success Accounting Group
The data for this assessment task may be collected from the company website. Another great way to collect data is through the companies’ social media platforms, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
You are required to collect information about:
 The industry the company belongs to.
 A brief analysis of the industry

o Must include the performance of the industry.

 The structure of the company

o Must include a description of the various internal departments.
o What kind of structure exists in the company?

 A brief introduction about the leader of the business, and the leadership style.
 A brief description of the culture of the company
o What is the company passionate about?
o What causes do they support?

 The total number of employees and include the divisions and branches of the company.
 Any other information that may add value to your report.
 You must also refer to 5-7 journals to support your analysis.
[Note: Wikipedia is not a source to be referred to for this assessment task.]
Part B | Marks: 10%
This section includes the group presentation of the report completed in Part A to a panel of assessors.
The Panel will include your lecturer and others relevant staff within the campus.

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