BUS3PPB Professional Practice in Business

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Social Innovation Assessment Task

One individual 2,000 word report

You have been engaged as a consultant to assist the Bank of Cancer Research and have been requested to provide the organisations with advice about their strategy.

Based upon the case study provided, available information and your research, undertake a review of the proposed concept for the Bank of Cancer Research and prepare a critique from a new-product launch perspective. This should take into consideration the broader environment for the provision of retail banking / financial services in Australia.

BUS3PPB Professional Practice in Business

Guiding questions (these are included to guide your approach rather than as a set of headings for the report)

Systems Engineering For Managers

  1. Reference a range of alternative cause-based businesses or business initiatives, critique the ‘single-cause’ approach being proposed for BCR.
  2. What is the likely effectiveness of a social cause as the primary market positioning for an organisation? Support your view based upon research in this area.
  3. What would you do to (1) contact signatories to the Giving Pledge and (2) how would you get their attention?
  4. What other products could be used for a purpose entity? What are the important elements of a purpose entity?
  5. How are competitors in the banking industry likely to respond to the BCR if established?
  6. Aaron believes that proof-of-concept for the Bank of Cancer research and evidence of consumer’s propensity to switch services is required in order to attract philanthropic funding to purchase of an existing bank. What alternative means of establishing demand for BCR services could Aaron use?  What customer behavioural challenges will BCR face in attracting customers?

Grading Criteria and Feedback
Your essay will be assessed for your ability to meet criteria outlined in the rubric provided.

Ensure that you use an appropriate report format. You will find it helpful to reference headings normally used within a marketing plan.

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Submission Details
Papers must be submitted via the BUS3PPB LMS Turnitin Link.
Please note that assignments must be typed or word processed and the first page include:
• Name and student number
• Date of submission
• Electronically read word count (does not include the coversheet, nor the References and Appendix sections).
• Your file will be labelled for submission: BUS3PPB Assessment 2_Your Name.docx

Business Intelligence

Assignments must be submitted electronically using Microsoft Word, or compliant software such as Mac Pages, or Apache Open Office. The submitted file must be in *.doc, *.docx, or *.rtf format. Formatting, spelling, grammatical, typographical and referencing errors may result in the non-award of marks. Assignments must be in 12 point font, using 1.5 line spacing and paragraphs must be fully justified at both the left and right margin.

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