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The economy of the UK is largely influenced by the frequency and performance of startups incorporated in the marketplace. Meeting customer satisfaction and dissolving external environment threats often challenge the potentiality of the enterprise which further leads to liquidity or termination. To accomplish the organizational objectives, the structure of the business should be aligned with the exposures of the marketplace to dominate the competitors and other rivals. Moreover, the following study would describe the operational activities of Oppo Ice Cream Company which comes under one of the finest organizations in the UK in terms of manufacturing a variety of products and driving customer satisfaction.

Evaluation of description of the industry, business, and market environment of Oppo Ice Cream:

It is not to be mentioned that the economy of the UK is experiencing dynamic changes and further creating potential problems or challenges for respective enterprises. In such a scenario, a proper understanding of the organizational business, industry, and market requirements is necessary which is mentioned below.


Oppo Ice Cream deals with manufacturing different types or varieties of ice creams with low calories and great taste to satisfy customer requirements. After its establishment in 2014, the enterprise becomes very aggressive in terms of researching new varieties, to attract customers with different tastes and preferences and earn high profitability in the marketplace. The plan is to provide ice creams that would not hurt the health of customers yet at the same time provide them with full enjoyment and excitement. Moreover, the belief in using natural ingredients such as caramel, lucuma, etc. results in systematic improvement and development in the position of the enterprise (Kerzner, 2013).

Organization Culture: Importance and Role


Since the enterprise is selling consumable products, it is often categorized under the retail industry which is going through a bad phase in the current economy. The frequency of organizations terminating in the current marketplace of the UK is increasing due to a lack of innovative strategies and financial backup. Moreover, since Oppo Ice Cream is going through its growing phase, it is highly important to create a solid financial base and conduct surveys to address market requirements.

Market environment:

Oppo Ice Cream is enjoying the advantage of economies of scale, as no big competitor or rival is established within the marketplace currently. However, a lack of credibility or productivity in terms of attaining market requirements would demolish the current efficiency or effectiveness of the enterprise and create potential challenges to result in systematic growth and prosperity. Thus, home orders and sharing recipes provide a competitive edge to the enterprise (Burke, 2013).

Assessment of services and products manufactured by Oppo Ice Cream:

There could not be any better medium than quality or innovative products or services to create and share cordial relationships with customers and other suppliers. Enterprises in the current economy are often reviewed based on their products and services which could turn the tables towards the organization and result in gaining a competitive advantage. Since Oppo Ice Cream is currently dealing with only ice creams the list mentioned below sub-divided the different forms of ice cream offered by the enterprise.

  • Madagascan Vanilla
  • Salted Caramel
  • Mint Choc Swirl
  • Colombian Chocolate and Hazelnut

Apart from the products mentioned above, the research department of Oppo Ice Cream often tends to identify new emerging flavors so to attract new customers and improve the profitability of the enterprise. Thus, all the above-mentioned products are manufactured with a mixture of authentic natural ingredients to improve the quality and taste of the same.

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Evaluation of introduction and relationship of nine building blocks:

Nine building blocks often cover all the aspects of business and the same is mentioned below about Oppo Ice Cream.

Target customers:

With low calories, the products of Oppo Ice Cream are available for all consumers irrespective of age group. However, especially for kids and young adults, the enterprise often produces products only with the priority of great taste and not calories.

Value propositions:

Sharing recipes and home delivery often enhance provide a competitive edge and improve the efficiency of the enterprise in terms of attaining customer satisfaction.


Through the medium of website and social networking sites, the enterprise creates and shares a cordial relationship with customers and gains a better understanding of the dynamic marketplace.

Customer relationship:

Conducting surveys after regular intervals and reviewing the feedback registered on the organizational website could lead to a better understanding of the marketplace and changing demands (Larson and Gray, 2013).

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Revenue streams:

Different flavors of ice cream and the use of natural ingredients provide a competitive edge to the enterprise to identify new profitable opportunities and enhance the collective revenue or income for a given period.

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Figure 1: Nine building blocks


Key resources:

The use of natural ingredients like caramel, sugar, mint leaves, etc. is considered to be the key resource for producing the products of Oppo Ice Cream to attract customers from the marketplace.

Key activities:

Handmade ice creams for different customers like kids, adults, aged, etc. is considered to be the key activities of Oppo Ice Cream to meet gain profitability and attain customer satisfaction.

Key partnership:

The business relationship with Murray’s ice cream and creating a cordial relationship with the suppliers of natural ingredients enhance the financial and non-financial condition of the enterprise.

Cost structure:

Direct customer services lead to optimal utilization of resources and reduction in price rate.

Assessment of success factors to achieve sustainable growth:

Success factors often maximize the potentiality of the enterprise to identify the opportunities and dissolve the respective threats. Moreover, a list of success factors within the context of Oppo Ice Cream is listed below.

ITECH 3211 E-Business Planning Report

Market analysis:

The changing demands of the marketplace need to be evaluated to gain a competitive advantage and proceed systematically. Consistent study of customer expectations and evaluating the competitor’s strategy could enable Oppo Ice Cream to score big and dominate the marketplace.

Management and leadership:

The role of executing the business idea in terms of operations needs to be accurately managed and further, the wheel of the enterprise should be properly controlled to grab the opportunities available in the marketplace. Democratic leadership and unity among the workforce could overcome the management and leading problems and result in the development and growth of the enterprise.

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Figure 2: Democratic leadership


Performance review and training:

Improvement in terms of performance or position is necessary to cope with the changes in the marketplace and attain customer satisfaction. To achieve this objective, managers must review the credibility of the employees and provide accurate training programs accordingly (Meredith and Mantel Jr, 2011). Further, the implementation of SWOT, Cost, and PESTEL analysis to secure the boundaries of the enterprise from all possible threats or uncertainties and to achieve systematic goals and targets.

Inter-personal skills:

Attaining customer satisfaction would not be possible only through the medium of manufacturing quality, but with the obligation of addressing their queries and providing accurate support. This requires efficient interpersonal skills from employees working under several departments of Oppo Ice Cream.

Evaluation of contribution to downside risk:

To ensure stability in terms of operations and activities, enterprises must take initiatives to dissolve risks or uncertainties arising from reliable sources. Moreover, the remedies which could be applied by Oppo Ice Cream to handle contingencies are mentioned below.

Collective performance:

Democratic leadership could be applied to enhance the unity among professionals or departments which ultimately boosts the performance and position of the enterprise in the marketplace. This would enable the enterprise to fight collectively towards dissolving several threats and contingencies by the process of communicating and sharing cordial relationships. Thus, collective performance would also lead to future growth and prosperity (Flyvbjerg, 2013).

Risk assessment procedures:

This deals with identifying the risky departments or areas and further implementing innovative strategies to improve the potentiality of the enterprise. It often includes the execution of internal or external environment analysis along with surveys to gain a better understanding of the dynamic UK economy (Schwalbe, 2015).

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Assessment of different changes to the business:

Change is inevitable, especially in a retail organization that is known for its dynamic environment (Wysocki, 2011). Moreover, the following changes would develop and improve the potentiality or position of Oppo Ice Cream in the upcoming period.

  • Loans from financial institutions at a reasonable rate to open up more stores in the streets of the UK
  • Conducting a program of weekend special, where one customized ice cream would be manufactured based on the requirements of the customers
  • Starting customer profiles, to analyze the demands for different products and improve the efficiency of the decision-making process
  • Taking orders online with limited home delivery to result in customer comfort and attain customer satisfaction


It could be considered that the credibility or efficiency of Oppo Ice Cream could enhance with the implementation of surveys and assistance from different financial institutions. Democratic leadership and collective performance would result in better anticipation of market changes and dissolving business contingencies (Shields and Rangarajan, 2013). Moreover, quality products often provide a competitive edge and enhance the capability to grab opportunities and proceed efficiently towards achieving vision statements. Thus, the preparation of financial statements would implement transparency and improve the decision-making process of the enterprise (Meng, 2012).

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