Business Research Plan

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Words – 4000

Research Topic

Students can choose research topics in the context of their program/stream that reflects their professional and personal interests and represent contemporary challenges in their field of studies. The topics should be expressed in such way that they are researchable in scientific terms (focused and answerable questions/issues) and realistic (amount of time available, access to required information and data and a reasonable level of implementation

Research Proposal

The research proposal is the plan that students recommend in order to investigate the chosen research topic. It should demonstrate a critical approach to the literature using a good number of reviewed sources (academic articles, books, etc.) with the majority of them being academic and professional work and properly referenced based on the Harvard System. References should be used where appropriate throughout the whole report. The report should also inform decisions about the general research approach (deductive/inductive view), a good understanding of the variety, the advantages and the challenges of different research methods and techniques (e.g. questionnaires, interviews), a plan of gathering data, any time frame considerations, possible and alternative ways to analyse the data, any relevant ethical and access issues. The reasons for the choices selected must be clearly outlined in the research plan and in the evaluation. The main part of the proposal should discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review (Background of the research)
  • Research Aims/Objectives
  • Research Methodology (Philosophy, approach, etc.)
  • Sampling (Population profile, sampling theories, and sampling size)
  • Accessibility
  • Ethical Issues
  • Significance
  • Deliverables
  • Required Resources
  • Implementation Time Table (Gantt-like chart)

Word limit is 4,000 words, 3,500-word individual business research plan in report format and a 500- word evaluation of the research plan


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