Business Responsibility and Sustainability

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EB3803/BI3001 – Assessment One - Individual Report

Assignment Task

The focus of this assignment is the critical evaluation of corporate social responsibility related topics.

Your task is to select ONE of the following topics and write a critical essay of 3,000 words (maximum word limit will be + 10% of 3000 words).

Topic 5

Companies can implement CSR by adopting a range of CSR standards. Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using CSR standards as a way to establish a responsible business organisation.

• Overview (100 words) – introduce topic and structure of the essay

• Introduction (500 words)
– What is a CSR standard? What are the different types of CSR standards? Explain

• Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of CSR Standards (2500 words)
– It is advised to select TWO different ‘types’ of CSR standards (i.e. certification, principle-based and reporting) when discussing this

[For example ISO26000 and UNGC]

– You need to use references when discussing the advantages and disadvantages
• Summary (150 words)

A reference list (A minimum of 10 references have to be used – ranging from journal articles, practitioner articles, text books and online materials) – the words in the list of references are not counted towards the 3000 word limit) Please NUMBER the sections and sub-sections Please do NOT WRITE lengthy paragraphs as it is difficult to read a whole page of text

Try and USE TABLES and DIAGRAMS – words INSIDE the tables and diagrams are not counted

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