BUSM072 Financial Markets and Institutions

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You have been assigned the role of ‘Research Associate’ to Research & Analysis Department of a well-known investment bank. Your team is instructed to draft a formal research report on the performance of the economy for the period 2013 to 2017 (last 5 years). Your research report should include the following sections:

a) Introduction

b) Political analysis

c) Macro-economic analysis

d) Market analysis (stock, bond, and etc.)

e) Financial sector structure, and any financial institution and its policies that led to its survival or collapse

(e.g. commercial bank, saving institution, etc.)

f) Outperformer(s) and underperformer(s)

g) Investment opportunity (this section should discuss whether the chosen market offers any potential growth opportunities for investors over the coming year 2018)

h) Conclusion

Word count: 3,500 words max (excluding bibliography, appendix, tables, etc.)

Mark allocation breakdown:

Presentation and referencing 10%

Political and macro-economic analysis 20%

Market analysis (stock, bond, and etc.) 15%

Financial sector structure, financial institution and its policies 15%

Market outperformer and underperformer 15%

Investment opportunity 15%

Introduction and conclusion 10%

Additional Notes:

a) Standard format for writing the report should be followed (Font Size 12, double spaced, and Times New Roman).

b) Please email the lecturer (Email: n.peng@qmul.ac.uk) if there is any issues that you may have had while working in the group. If the lecturer does not receive this email by 19th December 2017, she will assume that everything was fine for you.

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