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MMK266 - Consumer Behaviour


As a group, you are members of an HR Graduate Program with the North West Regional Hospital (a fictitious health service, located inNorth West Queensland).

The North West Regional Hospital (NWRH) is a purpose built, 180-bed inpatient facility and the largest regional hospital in the state. NWRH also has 15 outreach sites located throughout tropical, northern Queensland, each of which employs approximately 17 individuals. In total, NWRH currently employs 700 people, including administrators, nurses, allied health staff and doctors.

As part of the graduate program you are required to make a formal 10 minute presentation on an HRM topic to the NWRH Director of Human Resources and Chief Operations Officer (COO), both members of the NWRH executive team.

You will choose from one of the following topics and respond to related tasks:

1. HumanResource Policies&Procedures
a. Outline the purpose and value of HR policies and procedures,
b. Identify the key features of effective HR policies and procedures.

2. HumanResourcePlanning
a. Outline the importance of human resource planning,
b. What factors might affect the external supply of human resourcesfor the NWRH?

3. Orientation&Induction
a. Outline the role of orientation and induction programs,
b. Describe the common approaches to an orientation and induction program and discusstheirrelative merits

4. Performance Appraisal
a. Discussthe key aims of performance appraisalsystems,
b. Identify the challenges faced by managers when giving feedback to employees and make recommendations about the waysin which these can be overcome.

5. TerminationofEmployment
a. Outline the legal considerations in relation to redundancies.
b. What are the recommended methods ofimplementing redundancies?

6. Workplacestress
a. Identify the key sources and causes of workplace stress with particular reference to the healthcare industry.
b. What advice would you give on the ways in which workplace stress can be prevented and managed in the NWRH?

The presentation will be a maximum of 10 minutes and will be given in the Weeks 9 and Week 10 at your workshop/tutorial.

Groups will be the same as those for the class quizzes and allocated by Week 3. It is up to you to make sure you attend and participate in the presentation as you receive a group mark for 80% of this assessment task.

Please note – 20% of the mark for this assessment relates to the ability of the group to work as an effective team. This criterion will be assessed thisin the following ways:

1. Your presentation. The extent to which you have practiced as a team is evident to your lecturer. Transitions between speakers, non-verbal gestures, lack of engagement and connection with each other throughout the presentation are some of the clues to how well you have worked together. See additional notes below for online presentations.
2. Use of an action plan, meeting agendas and minutes which must be recorded on the templates provided (allocation and completion oftasks);
• You Action Plan will be submitted automatically in Pebble Pad, the final draft is to be submitted in Week 4
• It is expected you will meet approximately every 2 weeks and maintain the records of your agendas and minutes in Pebble Pad, you are all expected to make an active contribution

Action Plan

Meeting Agenda and

Minutes templates can be accessed from the Assessment folder on LearnJCU.

Each group member will be awarded an individual mark for the ‘team effectiveness’ criterion which may not be the same as that awarded to other group members. A group mark will be awarded for all other criteria.

Teamconflict anddisbandment

The ability to “lead, manage, and contribute effectively to teams” is a key JCU Generic skill and an important skill sought by employers. Working in teams, under proper conditions, encourages peer learning and peer support. Sometimes members of a team will not contribute equally to the task, resulting in some students carrying the full load of the team effort. On other occasions, team members have left the subject. Should you have conflict in your team it is important to advise the lecturer as soon as possible. The lecturer will retain the right (after hearing claims from students) to decide when a group should be disbanded. In exceptional circumstances, individual assessment options are available to students only after a concerted effort has been made to work with other team members.

Additional information

The ability to give professional presentations to senior business audiences is a key skill and highly valued by employers.

When lecturers assess presentations there are a number of things we are looking for in addition to your grasp of the subject matter.

Many students don’t realise that the extent to which you have practiced as a team is evident to your lecturer. Transitions between speakers, non-verbal gestures, lack of engagement and connection with each other throughout the presentation are some of the clues to how well you have worked together. See below for additional notesrelating to presentations.

Pointsto consider when preparing your presentations:
• Structure; a logical flow;
• Introduction,body, conclusion,

Pointsto considerwhen rehearsing your presentations:
• Pace ofspeaking,speech clarity, voice projection, expression;
• Eye contact, notes/cards used as prompts with minimal or no reading;
• Confidence,physical posture;
• Time; presentations that go over the allocated time are a constant source of irritation for time- poor executives.

Other considerations, online orface to face:

• Powerpoint Slide graphics, style, format
• Font type and size;
• Colours;
• Content of each slide.


• The academic referencing can be direct quotes set out in your Power Points slides or captured in your supporting notes using APA Referencing.


• Submit a copy of your PowerPoint slides to the lecturer prior to the delivery of your presentation at the tutorial. Submit one group submission of your PowerPoint slides and supporting notes to Learn JCU Dropbox for marking purposes.

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