Career Development Plan and Management Development

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Career Development Plan and Management Development

This Unit will be assessed by a written coursework assignment.


Assignment Context and Business Scenario

You are in the process of applying for the post of Management Trainee with one of the leading UK Travel and Tourism organisations. This is an exciting opportunity of a lifetime. Appointment to this position would bring you career opportunities with this company and it is very much in line with your career goals. You are required to carry out an in-depth investigation on the management practices of the company. It requires you to analyse the management styles and compare the management styles with other organisations in the same field. You also need to assess the leadership characteristics of the senior managers and the communication process within the company to be able to compare the management practices with other leading organisations in the same fields. You need to look into organisational culture of this business to be able to understand how you can fit within.

What you must do

Assume that the company Director wants to ensure that only the best candidate for this position is recruited and therefore requires all candidates to review their own potential as a perspective manager, including a self-assessment of their skills, setting objectives for career development within the company, and to be able to show with examples how candidates can lead and motivate the team as well as how their managerial and personal skills can contribute to the success of the company. This requires you to carry out four tasks as given below:

Required: Chose a Hospitality organisation in the UK that would represent the above scenario and carry out the following 4 tasks.

Task 1

Prepare a brief report based on your investigation of the chosen organisation consisting of the following items:

A. Compare the different management styles that you may have observed and discuss the leadership characteristics of the senior managers [P 1.1 & P1.2]
B. Evaluate the communication process within the chosen organisation and analyse organisational culture as well as the process of change that is taking place in your organisation. [P 1.3 & P 1.4]

  • M 1: Effective approach to study and research in comparisons of different management styles in Hospitality organisations has been applied [P1.1].

Task 2

In order to review your own potential as a perspective manager for this organisation:

A. Assess your own management skills and performance using the format provided by the tutor and analyse your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. [P 2.1 & P2.2]
B. Set and prioritise objectives and targets to develop your own potentials [P2.3]

  • M2: A range of methods and techniques have been applied to assess one’s own management skills [P2.1].
  • D1: validity of the outcomes of self-assessment has been evaluated and conclusion drawn on the strengths and weaknesses [P2.2].

Task 3

Write a report based on your past experience or future role in the chosen organisation, demonstrating your ability to

A. Lead and motivate a team to achieve an agreed goal or objective [P 3.1]
B. Justify the managerial decisions you may have made or you would make to support the achievement of agreed goals and objectives and recommendations for improvements [P3.2]

  • M 2: Relevant theories and techniques have been applied to justify the managerial decision taken [P3.2].

Task 4

Create a career development plan for employment within the chosen organisation:

A. Explain how your own managerial and personal skills will support career development and set the agenda for future. [P 4.1]
B. Review career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs to produce a development plan with career goals and objectives. [P4.2]

  • M 3: Appropriate approach and structure have been applied to produce and present your career development plan [P4.2]
  • D 2: Substantial activities have been planned, managed and organised to present the carer development plan on time [P4.2].
  • D 3: Sound self-evaluation has carried out to develop career goals and objectives [P4.2]
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