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7MARK001W International Marketing and Communications Management

What are the main issue/issues of this case study?

The main issue of this case study is retrenching the employees since the company is on the verge of collapsing its being done by the use of a colour-coded appraisal system and also using a new business approach so as to save the company from collapsing. 

ASS071-1 Law Society and Controversy 2

Many managers say that evaluating an employee’s performance is one of their most difficult tasks. Why do you think they feel this way? What can organizations (and managers) do to make it an effective process?

It’s a tough task because JCPenny Company hasn’t disclosed to the workers the real position of the company and the system that they will use. The approach tends to be insensitive and it will affect the livelihood of the workers as presented by the HR office thus making it difficult for the management to evaluate the employees, the Enterprises should be open about the issue and the method to be used and also stage an appeal process if workers feel the process is unfair rather than ambushing them.

MAA716 – Financial Accounting 2

What’s your impression of the colour-coded system suggested by the former CEO? As a store department supervisor, how would you have approached that?

The former CEO was totally unethical since the supervisors were to be given instructions on how to inform their workers and also he had to be considerate of his employees. As the store supervisor, I would have explained the importance of evaluation on a firm and also give them reasons as to why the company has decided to take such a step lastly I will go to the management and plead for them to be honest about the state of the company to its employees and also advice for a better way like salary reduction instead of firing the workers. 

BMSK4004 Problem Solving and Decision Making

What could JCPenny executives have done to make this process more effective?

Executives should have opened up about the real state of the company, why they are doing evaluation how it will affect them and its importance to the business and give them room for a fair trial and together they would have come up with a better solution without affecting the any of the staff. 


Tokosh, J. (2018). Is the Macy’s in my mall going to close? Uncovering the factors associated with the closures of Macy’s, Sears, and J.C. Penney stores. Growth and Change50(1), 403–423.

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