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Organizational Strategy and Leadership

Executive Summary – 

In this case, study helps to find the objectives needed to achieve the goals in term of increasing the productivity of Maine Bank. The research data and information of Australia Maine Bank reveals that there needs some modification of technology development in order to succeed the profits in their business segment. There is also recommendation provided which Maine Bank contributes their ideas to innovate the productivity. In this study, there is also a relationship between the roles of HR manager contributing a financial reward in Maine Bank which incorporates the employee satisfaction regarding their job.


This case study helps to promote the business profits in the banking sector in Australian Bank. This study will help to support the resources needed in order to overcome the banking competitive market and also to fulfil the customer satisfaction to retain the customers to long-term. There are rules and practices that will help to understand the scenario to achieve the goals in the banking sector (, 2017). In order to maintain the loyalty in any business, it is also necessary to follow these rules and policies to achieve the customer’s satisfaction and thus promoting the portability. The analysis of the current market growth in Australia’s bank helps to promote the sustainability.  This case study also helps to maintain the chain flow of capital investment across the money lenders and the banking organization. At the end, there is the implementation of the recommendation which helps the learners as well banking industry in order to achieve the goals.  

Best practice of similar organisations- 

  • Monetary Policy

Recently updated data available from the Reserve Bank of Australia which formulating the various task and policies that must be ruled by the banking Industries in Australia. Likewise, all the banking industries follow the monetary policy conducted by the Reserve Bank of Australia. The Monetary policy measures the rates of interest followed on overnight loans in the money market. This policy also ensures the markets affected by the interest rates in the economy that are influenced by the varying rate of interests to extend degree (Rey, 2015). Thus Monetary policy helps to analyze the financial markets of capital flow so, that the behaviours of lenders and borrowers are affected in the financial markets. The monetary policy adopted by the banking sector in Australia maintains the goals and objectives to sustain their growth rates. It makes a quiet balance the maintainability of employment in Australia. Thus monetary policy accepted by the banks does not accept the instruction from the governing body of their interest rates. The interest rates conducted by Reserve Bank of Australia which are formally included in a monetary policy that will make an affecting change in other institutional and markets interest rates. 

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  • Four Pillar Policies :

The name of the four pillars as it mainly belongs to biggest four banks (Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, NAB, and ANZ) in Australia. These four pillar policies help to maintain the separation of these four largest banks in Australia. These separations are helped the banking industries to avoid the collision or conflict in their businesses. Although this four policies ruled by the Australian government firstly articulated in 1990, which helps to reflects the competitiveness concern among the similar industries and discuss the political unpopularity of other bank mergers (Aissa et al. 2016).

  • Products Bundling and relationship Pricing :

Other banking sectors mostly tend to do the bundling of products and sell it to the customers wisely. This could also have advantages to retain their prime customer as well as provides them better services accordingly to their capital investment. This process helps the banking employers to get rewards to their best practices and finally, huge incentives will be achieved in order to do the task effectively. The proliferation of smart technologies used by the customer adds new dimensions with the specific location to locate the address and quick support the customer’s immediate needs and requirement. These all functionality is provided by the banking sectors to maintain the Relationship pricing adopted by the banking sectors in Australia in order to maintain the efficiency of intake customers which strategically helps to cater the demands of customers (TrujilloPonce, 2013). Product bundling and pricing relationship collaboratively help the other banking organizations to provide the best services the customers want at their best pricing. In this way, the relationship of customers with the bank is also maintained. In this way, relationship pricing and the bundling of products helps the banking officials to maintain the sustainability and thus become more important. Others banks in Australia should look at the price and products which mainly based upon the customer viewpoint and the value which bank expected which the customers bring across the bank to spectrum the rates, features, services, and fees that should be charged by the bankers.

  • Digital Banking :

Digitalization brings a revolutionary change that everyone should be adopted. Even the banking sectors in Australia also trends their business digitally with the adaptation of sophisticated technologies. The feasibility of social media really doing to socialized the trends which drive the usage of technologies to the wide extent. This technology continues to changes effectively and rapidly. However, it helps to promote their business development globally. Thus banking industries in Australia should drive the human interactions towards the great usability and direct access to banks. Australian bank should be taken initiatives to innovated the branches and redesign the process of services offered to the customers. In order to lure more customers to the subordinate branches in Australia, smarter technological counters are often served to the customer’s appraisal and also provide the online 24*7 customers supports. In order to draw the services and supports provided by the bank in Australia, severe new reality and focuses on the innovations which disrupt the automation and technology will make a profit to the bank in Australia. Several branches in Australian banks also provide an online accounts opening facilities which will draw the attention of customers and access the service better. Modern usage of technologies and innovative ideas redesign the branches which will engage the customers and long-term success. Meanwhile, only the withdrawals and deposits facilities aren’t sufficient to serve the better service to the customers. Australian banks are turning to provide the perks to their most of their customers who are frequently using the transaction within the banks.  Australian bank also provides automating customer care services to the customers which provide the availability of self-care options and access anywhere, anytime. Thus it makes a dispute management, case management for the customers.  Australians banks were providing services to the customers which are effective in their cost. So cost-cutting also makes a sense to attract the customers and thus increases the profitability in the banking business.

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  • Retail banking Sector

Like another segment, retail banking plays a wide role in Maine Bank. Every bank is run by the individual customer. Thus it is important to understand the importance of retail banking in Maine banking. The UK arm of Maine bank was getting their portability from the retail business. With the barge in the other organizations, there may be the possibility to decrease the growth and profits. This retail segments in Maine bank directly deal with the retail customers (Messai et al. 2013). Thus, retail banking is also known as consumer banking or personal banking. Retail banking in Maine banking is the face of Maine banking.

  • Corporate Banking Department:

Maine Bank is a UK organization mainly run by its most important corporate segment which was located in the head office of Maine Bank and it is in Hemel Hempstead which is 15 miles north of London. This corporate section mainly processes the entire flow of architectural flow of capital. Thus the entire process is carried over to the main Head Branch. In this corporate office mainly the flow of office central support functions are lugged which includes the finance, marketing, compliance, Information Technology and mostly the Human resource development team are there (Dietrich and Wanzenried, 2014). These entire sections co-operate the flow of transaction to all of its successive branches. These corporate segments are carried out by the 300 staff which is located in a call centre located on the same head branch in Hemel Hempstead.

  • Human Resources Development:

It is necessary for any organization to deals with the people. Here Human resources play a key role to deal with the people effectively. Main Bank also has a human resource development team who continuously tries to make a difference strategic plan in order to sustain the profitability of Maine Bank. After successfully achieving the goals, Maine Bank had successfully achieved relationship rewards.  Human resource in Maine Bank always makes a plan of the recruitment process and hire the right person who has the all the capabilities in order to handle the pressurized work (Alessandri and Nelson, 2015). It is true that Maine Bank is one of the major banks in Australia, thus choosing the right person makes a tough challenge to cope with this scenario. Maine Bank HR has a responsibility to takes their effective decision. Hr in Maine bank always tends to save the flow of investment with the help of management team and financial advisors.

  • Information Technology

Information technology in Maine Bank helps to articulate the architectural flow via the sophisticated technology. The IT staffs play a major role to provide their best potential work to illustrate the new innovation and the technology they used. The usage of the internet helps to promote the services offered by the banking sector (Jizi et al. 2014). Nowadays, social media plays a major role in order to advertise the products and services effectively. With the help of IT segments in banking helps to analyze the geographical factors needed in order to conceive the customer’s way of attraction towards the banking. The online survey, process, customers feedback help the banks to become more flexible towards their service offer to the customers.

  • Investment Banking: 

It is easy to understand the withdrawal and deposition flow within the bank. Although these processes are pass by the investment banking segment (Borio, 2014). Meanwhile, there is also an Investment segment of Maine bank exists which is located in the city of London. This investment banking segment mainly deals with the raising capitals, financial markets, acquisitions/mergers, and also accord with the foreign currencies activities. Maine Bank compiles its 70% of their business is tied up with companies which are at European Union (EU). Managing director of Maine Bank wants help from the investment sector from Eastern Europe. 

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  • Call centre

In the call centre where basic functionality is provided which any customers raise any complaint, any feedback or even to inquire about banking services. While the role of call centre staffs should maintain the data and records that should be collected during any data inspection or any survey. All the secondary data are collectively assessed with the help of call centre. The staff working in the Maine Bank call centre is handle the transaction occurred within the entire Maine bank branches, answers the queries or any complaint raised by the customers, intention to sell the products and services by introducing the benefits of the products (Keisidou  et al. 2013)


After analysis all the aspects to increase the profitability in the banking sector, it is advisable to provide more illustrated information including the statistical data and information required to enhance the performance of Maine Bank. It is also recommended that the financial rewards for the employee as a salary or commissioner and proper incentives motivates the employee to innovate some new potential ideas. This payment is expected as a success of employee achievement in Maine Bank. For banking sectors, there is a regular compensation which are the financial rewards (FR) are the monetary incentives conducted by the Reserve Bank of Australia. 

Any organization or even for an individual it is necessary to harness the saving especially in case of to improve the financial development. Every bank should make an economy for the growth of a nation. In order to grow in this competitive world, every banking sector should follow the policies to achieve the goals. Proper utilization of web enhances the productivity of selling and promotes their services to the world. It is also understood the customer’s expectations and perceptions which maintain the effective long-term relationship also the quality that is served to the customers should mitigate what customers want and what should not. In this cutthroat and dynamic environment, banks should understand the requirement of their customers. It is also concluded that bank should equipped with well-sophisticated technology and with a modern environment to feasibility understand the customer’s requirement.   It is also necessary to understand the characteristics of the customer empathy. Maine Bankers could keep the attention what customers suppose to wants the service from the bankers. The behaviours and manners of the banker’s staff should be politely and be wisely in order to serve better service and also helps to maintain the proper relationship with the customers.

There must be an effective communication between the top management and the customers in Maine Bank. Not only practicing the top-up communication but also maintains the bottom-up communication is there. For increasing the profit in any organization, it is also kept in mind that the empowerment of employees plays a major role to enhance the sustainability. Right resources at right time keep maintaining the chain circulation within the organization. Thus HR skills make it improvise the development in resources recruitment. It is also necessary to introduce effective steps to educate the customers on financial knowledge. It is also understood to reads customer’s mind what they were expected instead of what they are being offered. Thus, an effective communication helps to interaction with the customers directly to serve their services. Employment culture in the organization helps the customers to review their opinion about the organization and thus helps to receive a valuable feedback about the organization. Always it is not necessary to get benefits in order to advise the customers. Sometimes it is also necessary to become an effective advisor instead of hoping the lender’s mind to earn something.

Implementation of your recommendations

In order to improve the performance to getting upward profits, it is necessary to vigilant the customers about the financial and economic development. In order to achieve the goals in Maine Bank, financial rewards could motivate the employees in a bank to innovate some new ideas. These rewards are mostly showing up the growth and development in order to achieve the progress. While encouraging to getting more FR in Maine Bank it is necessary to share the ideas and this should do reluctantly. Always innovative ideas help to induce the productivity. Thus it is necessary to implement the ideas to increase the growth and development. Always financial incentives as an FR are being a part of employee recognition program. This program helps to fit the right culture within the organization. There is need to provide the financial rewards in Maine Bank to the highly dedicated employee to innovate their extrinsic motivation which is a part of their tangible rewards. Thus including such financial rewards includes pay raises, paid time off, and salary bonus makes a long-term effective approach which will help the organization to achieve the goals. 

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