Case Study: SINTEF’s lean Implementation Initiative

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Case Study: SINTEF’s lean Implementation Initiative

1. Compare and distinguish various leadership styles that could potentially be adopted by the selected project manager.
2. Select one (1) leadership style and explain in detail why you think it will be the best option given SINTEF’s organisational structure and context.

3. Determine characteristics that will be required to become a valuable team member of “THE A TEAM”.
4. Propose tools / techniques that could be implemented in various departments of SINTEF that will improve their efficiency. Provide specific examples on how the tools will be implemented. (You should include assumptions to facilitate your choice of tools and techniques)

Important Information Formatting.
The report should be presented in 1.5 line spacing, 12 point Times New Roman font. Report section headings and numbering 1.0, 1.1.2 etc. is expected. Supporting diagrams / figures may be presented in other formats – Excel, PowerPoint slides, PDF documents, as part of the
appendix and will not count towards the essay’s word limit. The reference list will also not be included in the word count. Tables should be placed in the report. It should be labelled correctly (Table 1, Table 2 etc) and shall be included in the word count. The submission should contain a coherent, but necessarily restricted review of the academic literature on the project management topics in question. The literature review should be integrated into the essay, not a separate section. Do not include an executive summary or an abstract. This
assessment item involves researching your assigned topic to enhance your understanding of lean project management concepts and utilisation of academic literature. Whilst you use the recommended textbooks and lecture materials, you may also refer to relevant peer
reviewed, academic journal articles. A reference list (comprising between 10 references) formatted in the prescribed APA style is compulsory

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