Social Networking: Positives and Negatives

The positive and the negative sides of social networking: from recent events and analysis Social networking is an integral part of the lives of the present day. With the increase of the technological outbursts and the intrusion of the gizmos in the daily routine of the common men, social networking has become a platform and forum for the common interface. People from all around the world are logging in social platforms and getting close to the acquaintances. Every coin has two sides so do the so..Readmore

Effect of COVID-19 on US Higher Education System

With the highest number of corona cases in the world, the US is facing the most difficult situation due to the virus pandemic of 2020. Millions of people filing for unemployment benefits after losing their jobs, thousands of new patients getting admitted every day and the economy failing is causing..Readmore

Health and Social Care – Urgency or Quality?

Starting with some facts, you would be amazed to know that professional work is considered as the primary source of stress in all forms of occupations. This was validated by a nationwide survey executed by the American Institute of Stress (AIS) and the American Psychological Association (APA) in 201..Readmore

Avoid Plagiarism in your Essay and Report with these Easy Steps

Avoid Plagiarism in your Essay and Report with these Easy Steps Plagiarism does not only ruin your academic grades but also hurts your impression before your professors during your days in University. Although plagiarism rings a bell in many of us, it’s not that hard to avoid it. Here, we will know..Readmore

8 Tips for writing an official email

As the world is experiencing many changes, one of the most evident change is in the communication. The new generation is full of energy and is so busy with their day-to-day life that they look for such communication method where they use less words and more messages. To help them, Apps like WhatsApp..Readmore

OLI Theory of John Dunning

          Outline significant theories explaining the existence of multinational enterprises, and critically evaluate their ability to explain the complex patterns of interaction in the contemporary global economy.   Table of Contents Introduction. 3 Discussion. 3 Theories t..Readmore

Why Online Assignment Help is Important For Students?

In universities of Australia, the standard of education is high; the students have to match the level of education they are provided with their grades. Well, assignments play an important role in the final result. The professors in colleges assign homework to the students on specific topics in many..Readmore