Suitable Sampling | Definition, Process, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Definition Convenience sampling is a non-probability sampling method, in which the sample is collected from a group of people who can be easily contacted or approached. E.g., standing at a shopping mall and asking random people to answer some questions. Convenience sampling is also called grab sampling, accidental sampling or opportunity sampling, or availability sampling. The only criteria involved in this method is that the people are available and willing to take part. Convenience sampling do..Readmore

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Mixed Methods Research

Mixed methods research, often known as "hybrid methods" or "multi-method," entails combining approaches, question kinds, or tools to generate insights. In practice, this entails approaching a problem from multiple perspectives in the hopes of gaining a better understanding. Many mixed methods resear..Readmore

A Complete Guide To Quantitative Research Methods And Types

Numbers are all around us and drive our daily lives. At work and in our personal lives, we make judgments based on numbers. For example, a company may use sales figures to determine if it is succeeding or failing, and a group of friends planning a trip may use ticket costs to determine where to go...Readmore

Writing the perfect 650-word essay

In this article, we are going to cover what is an essay? Type of essay. How is 650-word different from other essays i.e. long or short? And the basic structure to write a 650-word essay and finally discuss some of the frequently asked questions. What is an essay? An essay is a written piece that is..Readmore

Get the help of UK top programmers for programming assignments

The discipline of computer science has grabbed the attention of many students across the world. This is because of the great career options in this subject line. Basically, a student needs to develop fluency in the languages to get success in the academic discipline and develop a career as a program..Readmore

Gibbs Reflective Cycle 

Gibbs Reflective Cycle  Are you looking for some sources which can describe the “Gibbs reflective cycle” completely? Many people use the model of “Gibbs Reflective cycle” to explore the specific experience and situation. after they get experience about the model of Gibbs cycle, and do all the work t..Readmore

Improving Your University Life with Some Necessary Tips of Time Management

It’s true being a university or college student, you have to handle all your work and subjects at the same time. Is there any chance you will get some free time to enjoy yourself? Well, there is only one chance that is “managing your time” to get some free time for yourself, while doing your importa..Readmore