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The term taxation means the compulsory money that is collected by the levying authorities, mainly by the government.  The term applies to involuntary levies, from income to other gains in capital to estate taxes. Taxation is quite different from other forms of payment such as market exchange and other services. The government collects the taxation through explicit and implicit manner or threat of force. The taxation is different from the protection racket and extortion because the institute on w..Readmore

Strategic information system

Part 1 The following report is aimed at describing the organizational structure of Woolworths, the leading food retailer in Australia, and the issues that are associated with its operations due to the structure adopted by the organization. Thereafter, the report would be directed towards obtaining a..Readmore

Corporate Financial Management

Introduction When operating a business, making correct decisions can result in success, on the other hand, making wrong attempts and things in business can lead to failure. With various decisions to make, it is very important to put every aspect of the business into consideration for an effective bu..Readmore


Introduction Different factors determine the health of human beings. Genetics is one of these determinates consisting of age, sex or family history of the disease (Lewis, 2016). It strongly affects the particular human population and creates diseases such as sickle cell disease. Another determinant..Readmore

IT Ethics Assignment

Introduction: The implementation of ICT systems and automation of the workforce in organizations have created profound concerns for the employment of humans and have been highlighted in the majority of media sources. The identification of the case studies of companies such as Foxconn, and Amazon and..Readmore


Question 1 Meranti Ltd. Manufactures high-quality furniture at low cost and exports it to Aussie Ltd. The sales volume of Aussies Ltd is high that affects other furniture manufacturers in Australia and threatens the local employment market. In the current income year, the government of Australia imp..Readmore

Accounting And Business System Software And Planning

Introduction: These kinds of systems enable a business enterprise to collect, store, manage, and keep track of all the accounting management and operations that are carried out on a day-to-day basis. The nature of these systems depends on the nature of the business enterprise it gets deployed in. It..Readmore