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Buying Behaviour of Customers

Investigating the buying behavior of customers over the brand knowledge and the corporate image of Philips Background: In today’s world for most businesses, the primary capital is considered to be their brands. In past decades the company’s value has been measured concerning the equipment, tangible assets, and products. The current assignment will focus on the consumer market of Philips Electronics Private Limited. At present, Philips is in the third stage in the market with a share of around 10..Readmore

Human Service Organisation in Australia – Australian Red Cross

Introduction The role and significance of any human service organization in any nation cannot be negated since it has an impact on the overall quality of life of the masses. This particular sector encompasses a broad range of functions, disciplines, knowledge, and skill sets that mainly focus on the..Readmore

Organisational Governance and Leadership Sample

Reflection: The necessity of emotional and social intelligence is profoundly observed in the contemporary domain of business management and education. These fields are gradually becoming exposed to the reduction in barriers of culture and geography thereby increasing the necessity of higher emotiona..Readmore

Innovation and Technology Transfer

MODULE CODE: ENTR6037 Technology Transfer Effectiveness through International Joint Ventures (Ijvs) To Their Component Suppliers: A Study of the Automotive Industry of Thailand Part 1 Introduction: The concerns for economic development through the proliferation of perspectives referring to technolog..Readmore

Essay on One Key Lesson from the Failure of the League of Nations

Identify and explain one key lesson from the failure of the League of Nations that can be identified in the formation of the United Nations. Why is this a key lesson? The League of Nations abbreviated as SDN was formed in the year 1920 after the destruction and disillusionment that occurred during t..Readmore

Nursing Assignment Sample 1

Elderly Healthcare: Affordable Palliative and Hospice Services Older adult healthcare and a dedicated system for the specific and specialized needs of the elderly are still in a very nascent stage in India. In such a societal system it is often challenging to bring in the humane concern behind makin..Readmore

Management Research

Introduction: The epistemological stance that could be implemented in the case of management research is related to the study of knowledge. Epistemology is a formidable branch of philosophy that is concerned with the varying sources of knowledge and the possibilities, sources, nature, and limitation..Readmore