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A Gap in Equity Related to Mental Health Access for Veterans

The gap to access to care for mental illness for veterans can be dated back to World War I. British soldiers that returned from the war were being diagnosed and treated for what was called “Shell Shock”. Instead of veterans going to mental hospitals due to not having them labeled as mentally ill, specialized treatment facilities were set up for neuropsychiatric casualties. However, 27% of WWI veterans were neuropsychiatric cases in 1921, and by 1927, it grew to 46.7%. The rise in numbers led to..Readmore

Assignment 4: Communicate the Value Sample

Question - Introduction In the digital era, integrated marketing communication (IMC) is of high relevance because it helps marketers to adopt unique kinds of marketing strategies to strengthen the communication of the company. Today,..Readmore

Health Services Planning and Management Assignment

Assignment number and title Two: Poster and Presentation Assignment type Individual Academic Poster Presentation Weighting of assignment 60% Size or length of assessment 1000 words and 10 minute presentation Unit learning outcomes 1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding Critical und..Readmore

Safeguarding Children, Young People and Adults

Assignment number and title One CW-CS Assignment type Case Study Essay Weighting of assignment 100% Size or length of assessment 2000 Words (+/- 10%) Unit learning outcomes 1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding Identify and apply legislation used to safeguard vulnerable children,..Readmore

Reflective Essay On Learnings From Coursework

Introduction Study skills are referred to as the various approaches or strategies that can be applied in the learning process. These are the array of various skills that can handle the different procedures of organizing as well as acquiring any information, retaining any important information, or ta..Readmore

Memorandum For The Head Of The Department Of Homeland Security And Heads Of Institutions

MEMORANDUM FOR THE HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY AND HEADS OF INSTITUTIONS FROM: SUBJECT: Immediate Actions to counter sexual harassment and Assault to protect students in Colleges DATE: 29th April 2022 Introduction Over the past years, there have been serious criminal cases of sexual..Readmore

6017SSL Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Introduction The sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by individuals from the United Nations present a structure for tending to the main difficulties looked at by changed countries all over the planet. The SDGs give a premise for improvement while upgrading personal satisfaction on the planet. (..Readmore