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Introduction: Continuous improvement is a primary requisite for an organization to sustain the consistency of quality in products, processes, and services which are aimed at accomplishing incremental improvement over time. The development of tools and techniques for addressing the concerns of continuous improvement in the context of an organization can be realized through the application of the four-step quality model known as the PDCA cycle which refers to Plan-Do-Check-Act. The application of..Readmore


Task 1: The responsibility of an HR professional in the context of the concerned organization, People R Us, has to be realized through communicating the appropriate suggestions for HR development. The organization is proposing to enter into a contract with Sun Court Residential Homes Limited which f..Readmore


Right from the beginning of the semester, I could observe that my writing skills could be rated as average as I have a good sense of making use of good English in my writing. I had a clear understanding of the fact that no matter how good I might be in other academic fields, having a proper and stru..Readmore

Mission Statement of Uber

Introduction The business environment can be defined as the setting that encompasses external factors and internal factors that work together and have an impact on a business. The key external elements include political aspects like laws, and regulations, social elements like social movement and env..Readmore

MGBG13 – Principles of Project Management Assignment

Introduction In recent times, the population of Sweden has been expanding at a rapid rate. The same trend has been observed in its Jönköping region as well. Due to the increase in local immigration in a particular region of Sweden, there is a need to establish new accommodation projects for the stud..Readmore

An Analysis of the Operation Management of the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

Introduction In the hospitality sector, effective operations management is a critical component that ensures the productivity and sustainability of the business. The efficiency, and service quality of the businesses play a major role to make sure that they follow a good business approach while condu..Readmore

Critically Analyse And Discuss The Impact Of E-Commerce On Business Strategy

Critically Analyse And Discuss The Impact Of E-Commerce On Business Strategy Supply Chains, Logistical Operations, And Business Models.” Introduction: The world of business has witnessed drastic transformations within the recent decade largely due to the introduction of ecommerce. As per Andam (2014..Readmore