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Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state whose judicial system is based on Islamic law commonly referred to as Sharia for criminal civil cases (Irawan, Jayusman & Hermanto, 2019). Saudi Arabia is an absolute hereditary monarchy state with a totalitarian context and Islamic lines and it is theocratic, whereby the royal family dominates the politics. There is the existence of a king who is both the head of the government and the state. The US legal system is a federal constitutional country, whereby t..Readmore


The result of this article has really changed my understanding of addiction. The banner regarding Hoxmark and the observational work and the hypothetical depicted in this article propose that basically, positive brain science has started to be applied to the hypothesis, examination, and medication u..Readmore


What are the main aesthetics/features of the genre of Heavy metal?  The sonic attribute that makes heavy metal music which stands out from other genres is intensity, and the ability to drive that intensity beyond what might be considered within the realm of comfort. A metal song is a vehicle of psyc..Readmore

Integrated Project

Introduction Research refers to a systematic inquiry of a subject with the intention of creating new knowledge (Kasi 2009, p. 32). Research can also be aimed at revising existing information with reference to new facts. This essay covers a discussion on the role that research plays at a UK Universit..Readmore


In literature, various literary theories consist of the ideas and the practical methods used in reading literature. They mainly reveal what literature is all about and what it means (Barry n. p). These theories are the tools that enable learners to understand literature since they focus on examining..Readmore

Body Parts

Our bodies are made of various parts. The functions of these parts differ from one another but to make the coordination and functioning of the body they work in harmony. There are major body parts that control the other parts which are the spinal cord and the mind. When any of these body parts is da..Readmore

Five Essential Public Health Services

The first public health service is to monitor health to identify and solve community health problems. The assessment should be recurrent after a given period and accurate to the details. It should identify health risks, pay close attention to vital records, and identify assets and resources (Wibberl..Readmore