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Robots Fighting Cancer

Introduction A robot is a type of machine, mostly programmable, using a computer and automatically carrying out a myriad of complex tasks. The control of these robots can be external or internal. Regardless of most of them being created based on the human form, most of these machines are developed to carry out tasks without regard to their aesthetics. A branch of technology called robotics has inspired many of the developed robots. Since time immemorial and specifically from an ancient civilizat..Readmore

American Congressional Elections

Many scholars in contemporary society have tried to analyze the American congressional elections, laying much of their basis on the theoretical arguments posed by Antony Downs (1957). Downs is renowned for his stand that any party has the motive and objective to win an election, but assuming that th..Readmore

Resistance – Sample

Change resistance is the act of rejecting or opposing any transformations that alter an individual's standing or status quo. The resistance can occur at different levels, such as workplaces by employees and even at the household level. Resistance can also be the unwillingness of an individual to cop..Readmore

BIOS242 – Poliovirus

Poliovirus Poliovirus also refers to us as poliomyelitis is caused by a serotype of species Enterovirus, a family of Picornaviridae. Poliovirus causes poliomyelitis. Poliovirus is composed of an RNA genome and protein capsid. Karl Landsteiner and Erwin Popper were the first people who isolated polio..Readmore

Corporate Governance, Accounting and Risk Management in Islamic Banking and Finance

Introduction Islamic Banking is considered as the banking system that is carried on in accordance with the Shariat. In Islamic terms, money has no inherent value, as such, it cannot be sold at a profit and it is also allowed to be utilized as per Shariat only (The Conversation Media Group Ltd, 2020)..Readmore

A lesson of Traditional Conservation

Historic traditional houses or buildings are normally considered as significant evidence of the past lifestyle. Therefore, the conservation of these traditional houses/buildings, in the context of revitalization and preservation of architectural heritage, is to some extent the conservation of cultur..Readmore

Crisis Communication Strategy

Crisis communication deals with the status of the persons and the organization.  It is a proposal that focuses on shielding the association’s reputation and maintaining its civic image against diverse factors like government investigations, scandalous attacks, and media inquiry, capable of tarnishin..Readmore