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HI5003 Economics for Business

Elasticity in Demand/Supply Introduction Elasticity in demand refers to the amount of change in the quantity demanded of the product for a percentage increase or decrease in its price. It is also called as price elasticity of the demand. It also can be called the sensitivity of the consumers to a change in the price of a product. If the price of a good increases, customers may switch to other less expensive alternatives, leading to a higher quantity of demand decrease. If there are no alternativ..Readmore

Organisational Strategy

  Introduction: Costa Coffee is a multinational coffee company that hails from the United Kingdom. It has its headquarters in Dunstable, Bedfordshire and is a completely subsidiary of Whitebread. It happens to be in the second position among the list of large coffee chains in the world succeedi..Readmore

Demand and Supply of Certain Resources in Australia

Introduction: In the realm of microeconomics, demand and supply are thought to be the most fundamental and imperative instruments. The hypothesis that is associated with the demand and supply coordinates to the way that the demand for a specific need is critical so that the producers attempt to make..Readmore

Regression Analysis of Online Education Sample

Purpose The goal of this analysis is to evaluate the connection between the levels of students retained and those graduating in the online institutions of higher learning in the United States and how it is connected with studying over the internet. Background The factors that are influencing the cha..Readmore

Regression Analysis of Online Education

Purpose The purpose of this study is to estimate the relation between the number of students who are retained in the higher learning with the online institutions with that of the students who got graduated in the United States and how is that associated with that of the students studying over online..Readmore

International Business Sample

Introduction: Globalization has paved the way for the growth in the mobility of financial capital in the international market. This has been inspiring business organizations for expanding their operations in the global markets. Thus, it is very important for organizations to have a global expansion..Readmore

Research Design Sample

Question 1 Research Objective The research objectives for the issue of increased credit card spending among the working population of Malaysia are to determine the factors responsible for the increase in credit card spending and to evaluate the relation between the factors. The first objective is to..Readmore