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Sociology – Critical Research Essay Information and Questions

Critical research essay information and Questions This assessment requires you to write a 3000-word critical research essay. Remember to be informed and critical when writing your essay. This means that you should not simply write up your opinions, but rather devise rational and logical arguments that are based on clear evidence. This evidence should come from reputable academic or professional sources, and be cited in your research. Critical means that you should not simply take any one publish..Readmore

MGT5STR – Strategic Management

MGT5STR – Strategic Management Assessment 2: Group Investigative, Authentic Learning, Strategic Research Assignment   Description Marks Allocated This assessment focuses on your understanding and appreciation of Strategic Actions and Strategy Formulation. You are required to identify a corporat..Readmore

Managing Information Technology – E-Business / E-Commerce

Shrinkage at Walmart In 2015, the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, announced a quarterly increase in sales that was accompanied by an increase in expenses that reduced its hoped-for profit. In discussing the higher expenses, the company mentioned “shrinkage” three times in its written press releas..Readmore

Part 1. Twitch Electronics Rob is the manager of the Twitch Electronics company

Question Part 1. Twitch Electronics Rob is the manager of the Twitch Electronics company. They have previously specialised in the production of electronic items such as televisions, desktop computers, and cameras. However, Rob recently decided to offer customers a home installation and guidance serv..Readmore

MAR015-2 Intercultural Management in Business

Assignment 2:   Case study The word-limit for the assignment is 2,000 words (+/- 10%). This does not include the title page, executive summary, table of contents, reference list and appendices. 1 Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding • Identify culture specific preferences in interna..Readmore

Market Segmentation and Targeting

  Length: 3500 words (max) Group Assessment: No Submission method options: Alternative submission method TASK Imagine you are a marketing consultant and you have been hired to review and make recommendations on how to reach their target audience. This assessment is a written report on the conce..Readmore

EEPP4022 Events And Entertainment Planning And Project Management

Word Limit: 2500 words (Plus or minus 10%). Learning outcomes assessed: Prepare a robust business case based on sound research and information sources. Prepare and present a comprehensive Project Plan based on a sound Project Planning methodology using Events Management and Business Management model..Readmore