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Research Appreciation and Methodology

Critically apply a sound knowledge base of evidence and research paradigms to professional nursing practice. Evaluate and critically reflect upon the impact and application of policy and  apply to evidence based nursing practice. Demonstrate a critical and analytical understanding of ethical frameworks required for research within professional nursing practice. Critically discuss and apply a variety of research. methodologies and techniques to review, consolidate, extend and apply nursing knowle..Readmore

Assessment 3: Individual Reflective Journal – Individual Assignment

Sample (1000-1500  words) For this assessment, students are expected to write a weekly journal over the duration of the 12-week teaching period that documents a critical analysis of their learning process. In the journal students need..Readmore

DATA4300 Data Security and Ethics

Individual Report: Codes of Conduct for Individuals, Companies and Governments PART A: Report (25 marks) • You have been employed as a Data Ethics Officer by an industry board (professional body) wanting to create a code of conduct around using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to (a) develop new medicin..Readmore

Developing Integrated Health Sciences: NUR5023/24/25

Developing Integrated Health Sciences. Component: 3 Hour unseen examination [100% of Module Grade]: Examination – 3hours: Patient / Client Centred Scenarios The examination will be in 2 sections and the student will be required to answer 3 questions: 1 question from section A; 1 question from sectio..Readmore

FYA003-0 Contemporary Social Issues

Able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of contemporary social issues Can collaborate This assessement requires you to complete a one hour on-line multiple choice test, in order to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the subjects and sociological perspectives taught within t..Readmore


Coursework Assignment Create the model and optimise the profit for the plant described in the following. You need to simulate ten days operation after an appropriate warm-up period. Description A manufacturing plant that produces gearboxes has to be designed and optimized. Each gearbox is composed o..Readmore

S21U12753 – Comparative Politics: States and Societies

Politics and International Relations Essay Questions Answer ONE of the following questions (2000 words) Using examples, assess the effectiveness of Comparative Methodology. How can comparisons be made of the quality of democracy? Use two countries as examples. What is multi-level governance, and doe..Readmore