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BIT354: Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Assignment Overview For this Assignment you will install a computer system, 64-bit operating system on Virtual Box. You will be allocated a computer system by your lecturer which is different than your peers. Fail to use the computer system allocated to you will result in a zero for the entire assignment. You are NOT allowed to change the computer system. Do not use any personal information in the computer image. Marks will be awarded based on the sophistication and the difficulties of the harde..Readmore

BMP6001 Dissertation Help

Learning Outcomes Assessed: LO1: Identify an appropriate research topic and formulate appropriate objectives LO3: Produce a critical literature review and research methodology LO4: Undertake primary research and critically appraise the results LO5: Synthesise research findings and make informed judg..Readmore

BMP6004 Learning and Development

Learning Outcomes Assessed: LO3: Critically reflect on your potential as a coach drawing on theoretical models and feedback. LO4: Develop personal development strategies which are underpinned by critical self-reflection. Assignment brief: You will prepare a 15-minute presentation based on a potentia..Readmore

ASS023 -3 Childhoods in a Global Context

1 Comparison Portfolio 1250 words ( plus or minus 10%) Unit learning outcomes 1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding Contextual understanding of the theoretical approaches to the global study of childhoods and related practices in care and education. 2. Demonstrate the following sk..Readmore

4013SPO Exploring Sport and Exercise Science

Section 1: Key information For this coursework you will prepare a written report based on an interdisciplinary case-based learning scenario from either sport or exercise. You will also produce a reflection at the end of your report that evidence how you used the feedback on CW1 to improve this submi..Readmore

MG408 The Graduate Challenge

CW2 : Individual 1500-word reflective report To complete an individual 1500-word reflective report. The module will be organised around three compulsory challenges to help develop your skills required for success at university. You must get actively involved in each challenge. The report will summar..Readmore

Occupational Therapy

2x Critical reflections (Reflective model such as Gibbs, Roffle etc.) focused on: Personal development through the 3 year course (Note writing, match the standard of note writing). Include evidence between 3 to 5 items in your professional development portfolio to support content, these have to be i..Readmore