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The Athlete’s Journey Through Sport

This assignment is divided into two parts. Part 1 assesses your knowledge and application of research and theory relating to career transitions in sport. Part 2 continues the research methods theme established in the previous TMAs and asks you to consider written narrative as a research instrument in career transitions research, and to compare it with other research instruments. Task Part 1 (2000 words/ 70 marks) For this part of the TMA you are required to read the journal article entitled ‘A l..Readmore

MPM735 – International Business Management

Solution: ULO 1: Undertake a systematic and critical evaluation of the external global business environment Description/Requirements Product/Service Proposal 500-words (5%) 1) You need to organise yourself in a group..Readmore

Public Service In The Community

Solution: Course Title             FdA Public Service Management Module title              Public Services Support for National and Local Communities Rationale This module aims to provide the students with the ability to increase..Readmore

Management Of Employee’s Welfare, Well-Being And Stress

Presentation: Rationale - Recent years have seen individuals’ lives affected by social, lifestyle and employment changes but despite these shifts, people still have the same basic physical and mental needs for social support, physical safety, health and a feeling they ar..Readmore

Business Law Assignment

Solution: Length: 1000 words Task You must write an answer to the problem-type question below, using the ILAC (Issues, Law, Application, Conclusion) format, a worked example of which is in the Resources folder. In this subject, assignmen..Readmore

APC308 Financial Management

This is an individual assignment of 3,000 words. (+ or – 10%). Students are required to submit their assignments through Turnitin on Canvas and JIRA for marking. Only assessments submitted through Canvas and JIRA will be marked. Requirements: You must answer any TWO questions. Each question that is..Readmore

UGB335 Assessment

The following learning outcomes will be tested in this assessment: 1 Critical understanding of advanced marketing strategy and its significance in variety of contexts (global and local). 2 Assessment of the drivers affecting choice and implementation of marketing strategy. 3 Evaluation and applicati..Readmore