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Research In The Social Science

Research In The Social Science (4 journals in total) (500 words each (total 2,000 words)) Four x 500 words Scholarly Journal entries as per Assessment Instructions A Scholarly Learning Journal is based on critical reflection; it is not a personal diary and not a list (or log) of what you have done. It is important to concentrate on reflection on content, evidence, learning and application. This type of Learning Journal i..Readmore

Health & Society

Assessment task 3: Written Assignment Health & Society Objective(s): This assessment task addresses subject learning objective(s): D and H This assessment task contributes to the development of graduate attribute(s): 1.0 and 4.2 Weight: 40%   Length: 1500 words plus references Task: Write a..Readmore

MKT4132 Product Management Strategies (Assessment II)

Assessment II (Individual Assignment) Overview of Individual Assignment Description of Coursework Individual assignment (40%) Best practice report. You are required to write a piece of critique regarding latest development in product management strategies. You will work individually to further explo..Readmore

HealthCare – Critical reflection

 Details of Assessment Tasks Assessment task 1: Critical reflection Assessment Title Critical reflection Task Description Through this assessment, you will understand the concept of self and the role of self in the context of professional practice. To achieve this, you are required to write two refl..Readmore

Unit 09: Empowering Users in Health and Social Care

Programme: HND Health and Social Care Unit Number and Title: Unit 09: Empowering Users in Health and Social Care Unit Level:                     QCF Level   Introduction Purpose of this assignment This assignment will enable you to explore how to empower individuals using health and social care..Readmore

HRMT20028 Organisational Change Management

Assessment Item 3 - Organisational analysis Objective The primary purpose of this assessment is to assist you to develop skills in the use of change processes and management theories and models in the analysis of a business situation that has organisation and structural change and development concer..Readmore

BHO0202 Assignment 2 Managing Organisational Design and Change

Group Assignment Workshop[1] Assignment Brief & Tutor Support Assignment drawing on all the topics we have discussed in the seminars via the IBM inspired Framework and Quality/Improvement subjects You will need to review the topic seminar slideshow Workshop [1] Contents Group Assignment details..Readmore