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MKT3051 – Consumerism and Sustainability

Assessment title: ES1 – Individual Essay 1 Weighting: 50% Submission dates: Please see NILE (Northampton Integrated Learning Environment) under Assessment Information Please read the whole assessment brief before starting work on the Assessment Task. The Assessment Task Critically evaluate techniques that can be used to change consumer behaviour to be more sustainable. What barriers to changing behaviour exist? Why, and how, do business organisations have an interest in supporting consumers in c..Readmore

MOD006059 – Managing Quality in Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Module Leader:       Nishi Mishra- Patricio Weighting:                 50% Word Limit:              2500 words This excludes bibliography and other items listed in rule 6.83 of the Academic Regulations. Assessed Learning Outcomes     1&3 WRITING YOUR ASSIGNMENT: This assignment must be completed..Readmore

The Literature Landscape- Psychology Assignment

TOPIC: The Literature Landscape- Psychology SUBJECT: Psychology WORD LIMIT: 250 Words LEVEL OF STUDY: PhD-Doctorate REFERENCING STYLE: APA COUNTRY: United States 250 word limit with citation and references Every household has a junk drawer -or some similar place- that serves as the “catch all” for i..Readmore

MGMT3017 Supply Chain Capstone

Case Study Assignment 1 Objective This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes 1, 2, and 4 as stated in the unit outline. 2 Assignment Details Write a case study on supply chain network design. In this regard you need to select a case company (e.g., Zara, H&M, IKEA, Toyota, Amazon,..Readmore

Coursework (Written Assignment)

Module Title:  Leadership and Change Word Limit:    3000 This excludes bibliography and other items listed in rule 6.83 of the Academic Regulations. Assessed Learning Outcomes: 2. Explore and critically appraise strategies and methods used for the planning and management of change; 4. Analyse and ev..Readmore

HR5040 Assessment Guide

Assessment Component 1: Individual Skills Portfolio LinkedIn learning modules: Submission Date: 16th Nov 2022 *Please note your portfolio must be submitted to Turn-it-in by 16th Nov 2022 by 4pm. Assessment 1 – 80% (Submission deadline 16th Nov 2022) You are expected to submit an Individual portfolio..Readmore

FY021 Introduction to Business Studies

Please note: You are required to submit each element of the portfolio separately to the relevant Turnitin submission link. You are required to submit the group presentation individually from your own student account on LSST Connect. You will receive grades and feedback for each element of the portfo..Readmore