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CRI10002: Fundamentals of Criminology

Assignment 2B: Essay Plan Word/time limit: As this task is an essay plan, there is no absolute word limit, although a minimum of approximately 500 words is required (1–2 pages for the plan plus the bibliography). Weighting: 15% Due date: 5pm AEDT Monday 1 January (Week 7) After you have read this information, head over to the Assignment 2B Q&A ( discussion board to ask any questions and see what your peers are sayi..Readmore

Blended LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law

INTERNAL ASSIGNMENT 1 35 MARKS Please read the CCI order mentioned below carefully and answer the questions that follow based on (i) your reading of the order, (ii) your understanding of modules 1,2,3,4 and 7 through the video lectures and live sessions and (iii) any additional research. Please note..Readmore

Discussion Post Assignment

Written-Response Assignment – Sources Source I “We in Britain cannot opt out of the world…We look to our alliance with America and NATO as the main guarantee of our own security and liberty…it is more vital than ever that each and every one of us within NATO should contribute [their] proper share to..Readmore

Health Promotion

What is a needs assessment? – slide 2 A needs assessment is systematic procedure which is used to evaluate the health needs of a certain population, the contributing factors too these needs and what resources are required to fulfill these needs in order to improve the populations health (Wright et a..Readmore

Capital Market Assumptions given in Appendix

ASSIGNMENT Word limit: 2000 This assignment has two parts, Part 1, 36 points and Part 2, 15 points. PART 1 (36 points) Task overview In Part 1, students will build a strategic asset allocation consistent with their risk profile. Each student will be assigned a risk profile. Find your assigned level..Readmore

Global Economic Environment Assignment

Home Department Management Home Faculty Faculty of Business and Law Unit Co‐ordinator Dr Stuart Barrett Key Words Globalisation, economic growth and development, trade and investment, emerging markets, economic policy. Unit Description Brief Summary The unit will explore selected key issues presente..Readmore

Strategy in Practice Project

Assessment Type: Portfolio consists of 2 components 80% strategy in practice project (2500 words) and 20% critical reflection on weekly discussions (500 words) Format of portfolio to be submitted. 1- One file to be submitted in Word or PDF format 2- Layout: Font - Times Roman, Font size 12, Single l..Readmore