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PGBM04: International Business Environment Sunderland On Campus Assigmment

This is an individual assignment. It will constitute 100% of your overall mark for the module. Please choose ONE question from the following FOUR. You are asked to write an essay-style answer of 3000 words on the topic you have chosen. Please note the policy on Penalties for Exceeding the Prescribed Word Limit for an Assignment shall apply1 You are expected to develop your own arguments within the assignment, based on your own critical reflection, as well as your wider reading, and the discussio..Readmore

Guidance for Essays

Option 1 ‘…documentaries are performative acts whose truth comes into being only at the moment of filming…’ (Bruzzi 2006:10) Write a 2000-word essay examining the statement above. Your essay should include an in-depth examination of ANY ONE documentary film of your choice. Key issues: Read the ‘Intr..Readmore

Strategic Management in Organisations

Learning Outcomes LO1 Understand and evaluate the organizational factors impacting on and contributing to the effective design and implementation of strategic organisational change programmes (knowledge and understanding). LO2 Demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical evaluation of the key..Readmore

BMT1002 – International Tourism Assignment

Task of the final report: The task is to research and present a report about the memorable travel experience based on a list of travelogue and the contemporary theories. The element of the report includes: Critical literature review: Critically review the current theories on the ‘memorable tourism e..Readmore

BME0003 – International Economics Assignment Help

Choose ONE of the following questions: 1) Porters’ diamond trade theory and other new trade theories outline the case for government policies. What kinds of policies would you recommend that government adopt? Are these polices at variance with the free trade theory? 2) The WTO negotiations encounter..Readmore

Knowledge Management

Assessment task: The goal of Knowledge Management (KM) is to increase the quality of the contributions people make to their organizations by increasing their motivation, helping people to take responsibility, to collaborate and share what they know and learn, and to effectively challenge, negotiate..Readmore

Global Retail Industry

Introduction: This individual assignment will be assessed by means of a 3,000 words (maximum) report. The assignment has been designed to allow you to develop and use your knowledge and skills in understanding key strategic issues relating to the Global Retail Industry. You will be required to apply..Readmore