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CL404 Anatomy and Physiology Assignment

Module leader: Paul Wheeler Assignment No. and type: CW1 (Summative) Assessment weighting: Pass/Fail, All module elements must be passed Assignment task e-Portfolio entry related to a patient with altered anatomy or physiology (750 words) This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes: LO1. Demonstrate a sound understanding of normal physiology in the adult LO2. Discuss anatomy and physiology related..Readmore

Hannah Arendt & theory applied to the climate change and human relations with the natural environment

Research question: how can Hannah Arendt's theories of alienation and Vita Activa be applied to the human relationship with the natural environment and promote climate action? Introduction: 300 Topic Relevance and personal interest: My interest in this topic stems from the climate crisis cou..Readmore

Creating Resilient Supply Chains and Procurement

Due Date: 09:00 pm 2rd December Proportion of total marks: 40% References style: Harvard referencing style. Company:  Woolworth’s As an operation management consultant, in a 3000-word (+/-10%) report, you need to analyse the operation function of an organization of your choice and provide recommenda..Readmore

ASS058-3 Assessment Guidance Template

Individual report 2,000 words (100% of unit grade) Task: Students are expected to discuss contemporary challenges in social care provision experienced by older people living in the United Kingdom either living in their own homes or residential care homes.  Discuss relevant legislation (Acts of Parli..Readmore

ALR103 Essay

Due Date: Friday 8 December (8pm AEDT) Word Count: 1200 words (+/- 5%) Weight: 30% Referencing: You MUST use the following reference guide - Deakin guide to APA7 referencing. Warning: in-text references must provide the page number when provided in the source document. When the source does not conta..Readmore

ACCT90009SCM Online Practice Exam Suggested Solutions to Short Case Studies

Question 31 To help Alison understand process costing systems explain their similarities to the job-order costing system she is familiar with. [4 Marks] • Both have the same basic purpose, to assign materials, labour and overhead costs to products so that a unit product cost can be calculated (for i..Readmore

LAW601 Tax Law and Practice

Assessment Assessment 3 Case Study – Tax Strategies Individual/Group Individual Length 2,000 words (+/–10%) Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by the successful completion of the task below include: c) Critically review types of taxation in Australia including income tax, g..Readmore