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HI5013 Managing Across Borders

Purpose: This assignment is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this unit – HI5013 – Managing Across Borders. Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1. Critically evaluate the impact of globalization, organisations and their management; 2. Utilise different perspectives to interpret and analyse a business, social and cultural problems in an international setting. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of the social, political, economic, technological and cultural forces th..Readmore

HI6005 Managing Organisations in a Global Environment

Purpose of the assessment and linkage to ULO Student is required to answer 5 questions from the pre-recorded tutorial questions every week from Week 7 to Week 11. The following Unit Learning Outcomes is applicable to this assessment: - Analyse complex problems relating to Management and Organisation..Readmore

MBA402 Sustainability Assessment

Subject Name: Governance, Ethics and Sustainability Your Task You are required to watch the following YouTube clips from the GRI Secretariat: 1. The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards: The Future of Reporting 2. Introducing the GRI Standards h..Readmore

MBA501 Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation

Assessment Title: Business Portfolio Analysis & Disruptive Innovation Assessment task You are required to review an organisation case study, including information about the organisation’s internal structure, market research techniques, and the approach to R&D. The case study will also includ..Readmore

BSBHRM501 Manage Human Resources Services Assessment

Research Report Instructions For this task, you must research each of the topics provided, and complete a detailed report on your findings. You are to write a report detailing how you would manage human resource services in the workplace. For this assessment, you will require access to a workplace o..Readmore

Sociology – Health and Illness

Solution TASK Drawing on the provided reading, discuss why it is important to examine lay understandings and community perspectives of health and illness. OVERVIEW Drawing on the article by Thompson and Gifford (2000) ‘Trying to kee..Readmore

Research Methodology

Research Method BACKGROUND NOTE: The individual assignment is based around the “Global Success through Franchising: Secret Recipe Cakes and Café” case study. Assume that you have just been hired by Secret Recipe’s general manager as a research assistant. During a briefing session on the very first d..Readmore