Change Management and Contingency

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Change management and contingency approach are both important in the organization. Change management is a method through which companies implement changes, while the contingency approach is a management theory. This paper discusses the change management and contingency approach and the effects of cultural and communication barriers on the change process.

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Change management is the method through which a company implements change with both its internal and external processes. T involves preparation and support to employees, determining the necessary steps to change, and monitoring post and pre-change to determine the success of the change implemented. The contingency approach is a management theory that determines management style. It depends on the situation. The contingency managers are concerned by the situation and their styles and try to ensure they interact. The contingency approach and change management differ in that; the contingency approach is a theory while change management is a method. The contingency approach helps in learning situations, and from the situation, it is used to help the management when in the same situation. An example of change management is merger and acquisition, or change in leadership.

Cultural barriers and communication constraints can prevent the effective implementation of change in an organization. If the change planners do not agree on language, you find it difficult for them to select the appropriate change process to apply in the organization. Culture also affects the change process because the change process selected is against someone’s culture and prevents it from being implemented. Therefore, cultural barriers and communication constraints have adverse effects on the change processes. 

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In conclusion, both change management and contingency approach have adverse effects on the organization’s growth. Change management helps select the appropriate changes to apply as the contingency approach will learn situations and influence future leadership. In case of cultural and communication barriers, the organization officials should ensure they select the best one possible for organizational growth.

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