CIMR – Research Methods

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Innovation and Technology Transfer

Research Topic – How have British Airways enhanced their services in the UK since 2016, and to what extent has this had a positive effect on improving their brand image. (Put on the cover page)


  • BA reposition so it reflects how customer sees BA as a brand
  • Cost value – is it worth the money they paid for
  • Emotional value – will the loyal customer will continue using them or not after they
  • Brand image of BA – they have been compared with Ryanair nowadays.

Literature Review

  • Gilbert (1991)- service and product quality play a role in consumer purchase motivation
    <- contradicting to what BA is doing
  • Specifically, customer satisfaction fell from 67% in 2016 to 52% in 2017 (SkyNews,
    2017). <- after repositioning, the strategy is inappropriate, the strategy is contradicting
    with the primary brand image.
  • More articles on cost value and emotional value.
  • BA is going down because it is not following its primary objective (premium brand),
    explain its primary objective = British Heritage. Presently – cutting costs, no refreshment
    on the plane, selling M&S food on the plane.

Methodology (As specific as you can)

  • Quantitative – how is it match our design? Why we choose quantitative?
  • Compare quantitative and qualitative but focus more on quantitatve.
  • Closed questionnaire on Qualtrics
  • Pros and cons of online survey.
  • Procedures of online survey from first step to last step

o Send an email to Ashley to consent
o All data will be kept anonymous
o All data will be deleted once we finish the research
o The right to withdraw until the last day of data collection
o How many questions is consisting in the survey.
o Survey is a likert scales (1 = very dissatisfied, 2 = dissatisfied, 3 = neutral, 4 =satisfied, 5 = very satisfied)

  • Opportunity sampling – we recruit them? Any people available on online (social media users)?
  • How long does the survey take? Around 5-10 minutes
  • SPSS analyse data


  • Pro – as it is online survey, so it is convenient for the respondent.
  • What are the limitations of using quantitative when conducting the research.
  • Limitations

o online survey therefore participants are from any part of the world, environment as we can’t control it for eg. In coffee shop can’t concentrate rushing to do the questionnaire.
o we have to eliminate the responses that have not complete the survey for eg. They may not understand the structure or any technology issue like laptop shut down, inefficient of device.
o No need of sending an email to consent as participants don’t read the instruction properly which may lead to data elimination and reduce the number of respondent and reduce the chance of data become valid.

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