CIO in Business-Sample

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CIO in Business


CIO which is basically the initials for Chief Information Officer whereby having one within an organization tends to have various advantages associated with it. The advantages include: an organization is considered to have the capability of impacting decisions that are different within an organization via the knowledge in relation to the manner in which information gets handled in addition to its processing. A chief information officer is also essential as they help in creating as well as reinforcing the overall strategy of the organization, more so intellect technology in addition to the information which is in a position of being persistent with the making of a decision.

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The CIOs are basically considered to have a clear understanding of both external as well as internal consumers since they have the ability to generate as well as develop ideas that are new for the organization. They are also capable of contributing information that is profound in relation to technology. In addition, they also assist in the centralizing of technology as well as information operations.  In addition, an organization with a CIO enjoys the benefit of the model allowing general information on the policies of technology to mainly originates from a particular source. This provides an organization with the ability to appropriately identify technological requirements, in addition to streamlining the equipment implementation as well as operational procedures. Chief information officers are considered to be accountable for providing guidance to the organization in the direction of the future of technology.

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An organization might experience a strain in their budget by having a CIO this is because most of them get enrolled within their careers in the department of information technology. In case they get promoted, then their objectives shift from tackling daily challenges to attaining goals that are long term. This is capable of causing a budget strain within organizations that have IT departments that are small since their previous role of troubleshooting will require filling. 

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Another disadvantage is a vacuum in leadership whereby the Chief information officer tends to have minimal time to oversee directly the staff. This is because, in organizations that are small, important duties like training might be passed over to the IT staff members who tend to feel that they are overworked. These responsibilities that are mounting might result in the IT members resenting the CIO leasing to morale reduction as well as inefficiency within the place of work.

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