Climate Change

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Global Issue Profile (20%) Due November 18 by 11:59 PM

In no more than 350 words, explain what is at stake in the global issue you have identified, including reference to the two sources you are using for the assignment. Some suggested questions that you could use to inform your writing include the following (you may also think of others):

  • Why is this issue significant?
  • What choices or challenges does the issue pose for those affected by it?
  • Who (people, countries, organizations, religious or other groups) is involved?
  • How/why did the issue emerge?
  • How have different actors (individuals, organizations, governments, etc.) responded to it?
  • What more should be done, and by whom?

You will also need to do the following:

  • Include at least one short quote from each of the sources, and not more than three quotes overall, using correct
    parenthetical citation style, as outlined below;
  • Include the reference information for the two sources at the end of the assignment.

Format: Please follow format requirements and suggestions carefully:

  • Your assignment must have a title, your name, your TA’s name, and the date of submission;
  • You must use 1.5 line spacing and 12-point sans serif font (e.g. Helvetica, Calibri);
  • Use of APA (7th edition) style for citations and references is required;
  • It is strongly suggested that you use paragraphs to separate your ideas into coherent bundles;
  • A separate introduction and conclusion are not required, but be sure to include introductory and concluding
    elements (1-2 sentences each).

Evaluation: Your assignment will be evaluated according to four criteria, with a total score out of 40.

  1. Content: Does the assignment provide a coherent account of the issue? Is there a compelling case for the
    importance of the issue? Is it clear who is involved and how the issue is being addressed?
  2. Clarity of argument: Is the title effective? Are the arguments presented clearly? Is the text well-organized and do the ideas flow easily?
  3. Use of sources: Does the text make effective use of the sources, with evidence of drawing on them for key ideas
    and quotes? Are the quotes effective?
  4. Academic writing: Is the grammar and spelling correct? Does your assignment use correct quotation and citation format? Are the references listed correctly?

A note about assignment length: You are expected to follow the assignment requirements closely. The limit is 350 words, and we will not read beyond 350 words as we evaluate your assignment.

A note about working with feedback: You’ve had feedback on your proposal, and it is expected this will be considered as you work towards your issue profile. For many of you, this may mean discarding one or both of your existing sources and searching for others. Make sure you consult your TA as you do this

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