Clinical Assignment – Alzheimer’s disease

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Dementia basically is considered to be a syndrome that is clinically characterized through progressive deterioration within cognitive domains that are multiple in addition to being severe enough to the extent of interfering with day to day functioning, inclusive of professional as well as social functioning. Alzheimer’s disease tends to be the type that is most common of dementia mostly diagnosed within individuals over 65 years of age, despite its early-onset is capable of occurring as from 40 years old. It is a disorder that is multifactorial whereby its causes, as well as the progression, are yet to be understood properly. Ageing is ranked as the non-modifiable cause that is most common of dementia within the aged, however, it only accounts for around half of general causes. 

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The early symptoms that are considered to be most common are complications in being able to remember events that are recent. When the disease gets to advance, the symptoms might be inclusive of challenges with language, mood swings, disorientation inclusive of getting lost with ease, motivation loss, behavioural issues as well as not being able to manage self-care. When the condition of individuals declines, they end up withdrawing from bye society in addition to the family. Body functions get lost gradually, resulting in death. 

The tools that are appropriate in the treatment of Alzheimer’s in most cases includes the imaging that is structural with computed tomography abbreviated as CT or magnetic resonance imaging abbreviated as MRI. The main reason as to why these tests are carried out is basically because they make it possible to rule out different conditions diseases that might be having systems that are the same as those of Alzheimer’s though they need treatment that is different. A brain scan is generally considered to be inclusive within the Alzheimer’s standard evaluation as well as different types of dementia.

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