CMA3001 Introduction to Management

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Unit 701- Research Methods

Assessment component(s) Essay

Restrictions on time/word count 3000 words

Individual/group Individual

Assessment weighting(s) 100%

Hand in date(s) 15 th May 2023 before 23:59

Planned feedback date(s) 3 weeks from the date of final submission

Assessment Task(s) – Summary

Essay, 3000 words

Overview of task: Write an essay on the management structure, role of marketing and human resource functions of a construction organisation of your choice.

Your choice of organisation should be taken from one of the following lists:

Assessment Task(s) – Detailed Instructions

Additional information/guidance:

Introduction (approx. 300 words)
Encourage the reader’s attention, introduce the topic generally, mention the purpose of this
essay and discuss briefly the structure of essay.

Provide a background of the selected organisation (approx. 400 words)
Introduce the chosen organisation, when it was established, who established it, the areas in which it operates etc.

  • Company overview- how many stores the company has, employees – where they are based.
  • Provide reasoning on why you chose this organisation.

State the management structure of the selected organisation (approx. 700 words)
You can elaborate on this by providing information on the organisation’s management structure, where it originated, and when it was introduced, etc. – this is your opportunity to include adequate references from the literature.

  • Discuss the management structure of the selected organisation.
  • How does this structure help the company achieve its goals?
  • State how the management structure benefits the company. Bring out the advantages and disadvantages of the organisation’s structure.

Briefly discuss the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix in relation to the selected organisation (approx. 700 words)
Introduce marketing and the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix. Use the selected organisation as a case study to write this section. Again, this is your opportunity to include adequate references from the literature.

  • Define what is Marketing Mix and briefly state the 4Ps.
  • Look at the product the organisation is selling/offering/producing/servicing.
  • Price – what is the product's value to the customer/buyer, what strategies do they have in setting their price, do they try price penetration approach, competitive approach, or anything else Please give a suggestion which one could benefit the company.
  • Place – look at where their markets are based – online, shops, mail order, catalogue. State any weakness in their supply chain, and suggest the best distribution channels the company can use for their products.
  • Promotion – how do they promote their products (television, billboards, catalogue, sale agents, etc.)

Provide an overview of HR functions and present details of the following at your chosen organisation: recruitment and selection, employee relations and talent development (approx. 500 words)

Provide a brief explanation of HR. Discuss HR functions of the organisation with specific reference to recruitment and selection, employee relations and talent development.

  • Define what HR is, what functions comes under it-
  • What are the strategies the company uses in recruiting and selection? – describe the steps.
  • Do they only hire skilled workers or mix of both? What is their approach to talent management?
  • Do they have different career paths – apprentice, graduate scheme, engineering?
  • Do they have employee relation schemes – recognition, appraisals, promotion programmes?

Conclusion (approx. 300 words)

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