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Company- BBC


BBC is the leading broadcaster of public service in the world along with being an organization that has a proud history of media presence in the United Kingdom and in the international media market. BBC has been one of the most respected and admired organizations in the world. BBC is the beacon of providing impartial analysis and news of the highest quality which has further assisted the broadcaster to gain the reputation of having a global impact of BBC in the formulation of BBC World Services. 

The BBC World Service is regarded as an international operation for news that provides news services on television, radio and online platform to various audiences present all around the world (, 2018). It also works in a collaborative approach with BBC in regards to commercial funded news services in the world. BBC targets of providing impartial analysis and news of the highest quality. The BBC aims at bringing the best to the audience all across the world in terms of unbiased news as well as benefits. The aim of the BBC is to provide highly distinctive services by securing and integrating the influence of the UK on the international arena. 

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 Current strategic situation of BBC

The international success of BBC has been established by its highly accurate news services. At present, the activities of international news on the BBC consist of both English as well as foreigner vernacular language services. This is derived from the WS to the channel of WN along with /news which is a version of the website of the United Kingdom of BBC which is further funded by complete advertising and is accessible by viewers outside the United Kingdom. Commercial funding is very critical to the company (, 2018). However, services of the international news of BBC do not simply exist to gain financial aspects but the objective of the entire service is orientated towards the objectives of public services. 

As per Blackwell & Eppler (2014), the strategy of the news company is also aligned with generating public value on an international scale and bring high credit to the United Kingdom by striving for providing bets quality journalism all across the globe. These values are rooted in the editorial integrity values of BBC which also encompasses impartiality and independence (Blackwell & Eppler, 2014). The overall strategy of BBC regarding the vernacular order would address to the public mission of playing a significant role in the protection of long term interests of the nation of the United Kingdom. The company also orients its strategies towards showcasing values that the United Kingdom treasures and aims of promoting (Brandt & Neumann, 2015). 

This will serve the way for BBC to cater to the interest of United Kingdom in regards to international security and development. Regarding the international language service in English, the public purpose relates to the structuring of priorities of influence as compared to need. According to Ginter (2018), the strategy of BBC regarding broadcasting in the more influential and widely used language in the world, under the name of the most renowned broadcaster would deliver the best and most prominent influence in the world (Ginter, 2018). 

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The strategy of BBC for the news service on international scale at present times encompasses the incorporation of new settlement of license fees. This will assist in integrating BBM and WS under the framework of license fee. The company will require making tradeoffs that will be highly challenging for providing funds to such services (Hill, Jones & Schilling, 2014). However, this integration also presents a great deal of scope for the incorporation of various kinds of efficiencies and improved editorial independence and quality control. The description of the current strategy relates to the incorporation of BBCM and WS for the review of News Portfolio. 

The amalgamation of BBC‘s mission regarding the reinforcement of the strategies that are oriented towards public service makes it more convenient for the company in the context of the adoption of a simple and single strategy of news for all its services. Considering the complexities of the issues, various frameworks and principles are made that would frame the long term results for the company (Moutinho & Vargas-Sanchez, 2018). 

The strategy that BBC is following in regards to provisions of impartial news is very appropriate and ethical means. This is very relevant as the prime focus of any broadcaster should be on providing accurate information instead of orienting the business objectives towards reaping benefits. The company believes that all citizens in any country have a stake in the area of news. In a country that is democratic in governance, having impartial information and news is very important for public service. BBC realizes that every member of society needs to have reliable access to authentic news so as to have accurate comprehension of the world around them. This is highly important for making their own decisions of their life (Qi, 2015). BBC is very tactical in regards to making distinctions among nations which is only constrained to the provision of services? BBC is oriented towards the provision of its services to around 200 different countries all across the world. The company is more oriented in catering to the information needs to the people of the United Kingdom and the countries where UK English acceptable and used. It also provides enhanced services to the people in the countries where major languages are being used in order to have a dominant presence in the mass media. The company is active in specific markets as it is very selective in choosing the language in which it desires of broadcasting (Rothaermel, 2015). By delivering the information services to the countries that use major international language, the company can cover large part of the world as well as audience regarding the news and relevant information. 

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According to Wheelen, et al (2017), the challenges that are faced by BBC currently is to maintain distinctiveness and high quality in regards to the approaches that relate to the greatest benefit of public service. The company is facing issues regarding the placements of talent prices and costs for various other projects under the company such as film and sports rights. Incorporation of radical thinking regarding the reduction of reach or number of services has become the need of the hour (Wheelen, et al., 2017). 

This is posing as a challenge to the success of the company. The company is also facing challenges regarding the clarification of the boundaries of business that it desires to focus on different clear priorities (Suzuki & Lee, 2017). The challenges in this regard also encompass the restructuring of the entire cost base of the company during the integration of renewed frameworks. The company also is facing issues and apprehension regarding placing great value on the environment that is non –commercial by BBC that is basically observed as ideologically and politically independent. Moreover, BBC also faces challenges regarding creating optimized value for the scales. The issue for the company rises from the ways from which the benefits would be exploited and increased (Uyen & Zainal, 2017). The company also has to identify the partners present across the industry that can create enhanced value for BBC and others. 

Alternative strategy or direction

The alternative strategies or direction that can be offered to BBC relates to the conduction of business against any fixed budget. The ambitions of the BBC should not be constrained in spite of the inevitably restricted budget. BBC needs to continue delivering services that are of high quality that can be accepted by the audience from BBC. The company needs to address the global gap that is enduring in the provision of international news that is trusted. BBC needs to oppose great priority on the five areas of focus of editors for all the services. It should also have a policy of doing fewer things in a better way. Hence, it should stop engaging in the aspects where the focus can be given later (Wheelen, et al., 2017). 

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The company should also guarantee access for all the payers of the license fees and be more effective in this regard. BBC should also make collaborations and partnerships with various civic and cultural institutions that are no longer Adhoc or peripheral but are central and strategic to the idea and principles of BBC itself. BBC, as a company needs to realize its prominent role in the facilitation of investments in skills and talent, through lifelong and training learning (Suzuki & Lee, 2017). BBC can obtain proposals for ensuring maximum value of services and money by assisting the optimizing the proportion of making licensing fees which is spent on the assortment of programming. The company should also focus on the areas where it has been lacking in regards to the provision of information and news. The company also needs to develop the strategy for news and information in an autonomous manner within the parameters’ frameworks (Uyen & Zainal, 2017).


The report has encompassed various strategic aspects of BBC that have assisted in gaining in-depth insights about the company. There has been an illustration of the current strategy and alternative strategy incorporated by the company in regards to its presence in the market. The assignment has also encompassed the analysis of business in accordance with the region of operations in context to the provision of impartial news and information. The report has assisted in increasing information pool in a qualitative manner regarding the relevant subjects that would assist in future endeavours.

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