Company Research Report

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Investment and Portfolio Management

ASSIGNMENT 20%- Includes two parts

PART 1 Company Research Report 70%

My company name is:_____________________________________
Find the most recent annual report for your company and answer the following questions in your own words.

1. Explain in your own words what the business does to earn a profit?
Explain in detail in your own words:

  • the product or service they provide
  • what activities they need to do to provide this product or service
  • who the customers are
  • where does the company do its business

2. Find the financial statements in the most recent annual report. Take a screenshot the statements and include them in your report.

Explain: What story do the financial statements tell about the company? In your answer critically analyse and discuss the main revenue, expenses and profit. Also discuss the main assets, liabilities and equity. Discuss the
main accounts and the amounts in the statements in explaining your answer.
Also look at the start of the annual report for some details explaining why the profit changed or why any balance sheet items changed. Include this in your own words in your explanations, remembering to include in-text citations.

3. Notes to the financial statements: Choose one note to the financial statement. Take a screenshot of this note and include it in your report. Explain: In your own words, what this note explains about the financial statements.

4. Independent Audit Report: Find the independent audit report. Answer the following questions in your own words:

  • Who is the auditor?
  • What information is included in the independent audit report?
  • How much was the auditor paid to do the audit in the most recent year? (This information is found in the notes to the financial statements)

5. Newspaper article: find a recent (after January 2017) newspaper article relating to your company. Take a screenshot of the article and copy it into your report. (Look at:,,
Give a summary in your own words of the article and relate this to the financial statements given in the annual report.

Format: In your answer you may use headings, subheadings and bullet points. No introduction or conclusion is required. Please check your writing is presented professionally and all work is written in your own words. All
answers should include in-text citations and references.

Words: 1000-2000 words

Company Report Checklist:

  • Each question answered
  • All answers are written in your own words with in-text citations and references given
  • Submit to turnitin by Saturday 20 th May with a percentage less than 25% (You may submit more than once, if your percentage is over 25%, you need to re-do the assignment and re-submit)
  • Cover sheet completed and signed
  • Print the PDF copy of the turnitin originality report from turnitin, with all the similarities highlighted
  • Hand in the cover sheet and the turnitin originality report. Attach with staple

PART 2 Internal Control Quiz 30%

  • Reference: Financial ACCT2 Chapter 5 Cash and Internal Controls

Questions: 15 multiple choice questions about Cash and Internal Controls

The Quiz is available on uts-online from 22 nd -24 th May. It must be completed by midnight 24 th May.

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