Contemporary themes in Professional Practice

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Assessment 1. Literature Review and Case Study

40%  1800 words    

This assignment has two parts and requires you to demonstrate an understanding of the various types of academic literature relevant to the focus themes,  in the form of a literature review. You will then demonstrate your understanding by considering the implications of your review in relation to a particular group in the form of a case study. 

Cheapest Assignment - Contemporary themes in Professional Practice.

The review of the literature (1300 words) will be on the themes of ‘choice’ and ‘participation/user involvement’ in social support and care policy and practice settings. Your review should broadly reflect the current state of the literature and key debates, including those relating to opportunities and risks for people using services and for social workers and services. Your literature review should clearly illustrate the shifts in how ‘choice’ and ‘participation/user involvement’ have been considered historically and how these concepts are considered now, particularly in Australia. Consider the drivers for the promotion of these concepts in contemporary policy and practice.

Unit 06 Research Project

The second part is a short case study (approx. 500 words) which focuses on the implications of ‘choice’ and ‘participation/user involvement’ in policy and practice for a particular group (e.g. people with disabilities, people from a refugee background, older people).  Explore the possible impact of ‘choice’ based policy and ‘participation/user involvement’ on their experiences in accessing and using services and the implications for social workers and services. Where possible also draw on your field education placement experience.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment criteria for assessment 1:

Unit 27 – Managing Quality in Health and Social Care

  • Demonstrated ability to analyse and communicate changes occurring in the literature on ‘choice’ and ‘participation/user involvement’ in social support and care, identifying key narratives and the factors and forces driving change.
  • Demonstrated ability to appraise and situate service provision reform agendas in the context of social work values and theories (where does this fit in the larger context?)
  • Demonstrated ability to compare and contrast current social work practices with those emerging in service system reform (how is this different? what are the implications?)
  • Ability to analyse the impact of policy reforms on a particular group and implications for services.
  • Communicate clearly, with a well-structured and evidenced argument which demonstrates critical use of the course content, particularly readings, case studies and in class discussion. Use of a minimum of 6 academic articles, book chapters and/or policy /legal documents.
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