Convention and Event Planning and Operations

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Review and evaluate an event
During class you will be assigned an event or series of events or conferences or conventions to evaluate over the course of this subject.
You will need to build a portfolio of evidence of your evaluation. This may include artefacts such as questionnaires, surveys, interview results, summaries, photos or videos, recordings, public reviews, journal articles, newspaper reports, social media posts, in fact anything relevant to tell your narrative of the successes and issues for the event.
Write a word report that provides a narrative around the artefacts you have collected and evaluates the success of the event/s. The report should contain:
 Introduction – describe the event/s and the purpose of the report
 Methodology – describe how you collected your evidence/artefacts
 Discussion and analysis – relate artefacts in your portfolio to the principles of planning and operations discussed in the unit, including information from the readings
 Conclusion – make a judgement about the effectiveness of the event/s you evaluated based on the evidence (artefacts) and your previous discussion
 Appendix –your portfolio of the evidence and artefacts you collected
 You must referenceat least 4 academic resources to support your discussion, including your prescribed text and appropriate journal articles.

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