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What Is Cost Accounting?

Cost accounting is about explaining the process of classifying, collecting, analyzing, and summarizing the cost brought up by a business on the products or services. Cost accounting has been done for managing the cost of direct and indirect links to products and services to enhance the profits or maintain the competitiveness of the market. The duty of the management is, they have to use the cost data plan for future improvement and expansion. The details about the cost information are provided in cost accounting. Cost accounting usually comes under the field of accounting and deals with the analysis of the fixed and common costs assessed by organizations for products and services.   

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Types of cost accounting:

There are 2 types of cost accounting, Material Cost and Labour Cost. But we also have some categories which we can’t include in these 2 options, which can be categorized as Other Costs:

  1. Material cost 
  2. Labour cost 
  3. Other costs 

Material cost: 

The Material cost is the cost of materials which is used to manufacture a product or provide a service. The material cost is used for all indirect materials, such as cleaning supplies, which are used in the production process. Below  are some of the material costs:

  • Fuel and energy costs
  • Packaging costs
  • Spare parts costs 
  • Building materials costs

Labour cost:

This cost is the second most costly expense that is used by a business during the time of manufacturing and service delivery process. This makes it essential for the labour costs which have to be managed effectively so it will help to reduce the costs during manufacturing or service delivery. Well, it is done in two specific ways, through automation and via maximizing labour productivity and performance. Labour contributions are an important part of every business performance. For example:

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  • Basic Salaries
  •  HRA 
  • Transportation
  •  Incentives 
  • Housing and security 
  • Food and Entertainment

Other costs:

This is the cost that does have an effect on the production and services delivery cost, but they aren’t fixed at all. Other costs by businesses include equipment depreciation, inflation, insurance, utilities, and maintenance, each of these is unavoidable for the business to incur but the duration, time and cost incurred cannot be anticipated, therefore categorizing these expenses have come under the other cost.

Benefits of Cost Accounting 

Cost accounting is very important from the sense of management view. It is used for budgeting, analysis of expenses and unusual expenses, determining where cost saving is possible, reducing or eliminating unnecessary business costs, determining prices of products and services, and all of the above assisting the management in the analysis of cost behaviour of the organization. For a successful business, an effective cost accounting system is too important. In the absence of this process, the management of an organization couldn’t assess different aspects of their business. 

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