COU202A Mental Health and the Community

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COU202A Mental Health and the Community

Bachelor of Applied Social Science
Assessment 2: Case study

Present the causes, possible treatments, and social
considerations of a particular mental health disorder.

Assessment Description:
Please read the description of the symptoms of mental disorder below. Write a case study based on this
Sarah is a 39 years old career consultant with a successful business. In the last two months she has
experienced mood changes accompanied by a change in the overall level of activity. She feels that she lacks energy and recently lost her interest in everyday activities.
Sarah experiences difficulties in getting to work on time as she often wakes up three hours earlier than normally and cannot get back to sleep. She has always been interested in keeping fit and healthy and attended gym regularly three times a week. However, in the last months Sarah has lost any desire in continuing with this activity, and she often says that she doesn’t have the energy to exercise. She has lost 5 kilograms last month due to hear lack of appetite. What bothers Sarah the most is her inability to perform well at work. Recently she has started skipping work altogether, and when she does go to work, she delegates most of her tasks to others.
Your case study should include:
• An dentification of the presented mental disorder according to ICD-10 (ICD-10 classification can
be found on-line:
• A brief description of this disorder
• An explanation of the possible causes of this mental disorder
• An identification of the available treatments for the presented mental disorder
• A discussion of the historical and global perspectives on this mental disorder

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